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Elimination Math Algebra 1 Algebra


X-y=10. 3x+y=18

Use elimination for this problem


Solve using substitution ot elimination

On a math test, seven points will be taken off for every wrong answer and five points will be added for every correct answer. If you answer all 24 questions, and get a score of zero. How many... more
Elimination Math Algebra


3x - 4y = 8 AND 9x + 4y = 4, solving by elimination

when I was solving this I think I messed up but I can't find my mistake, and it seems like I did it smoothly, can someone do a step-by-step so I can find my mistake?


Algebra Choir Ratio Problem.

The ratio of females to males in the choir is 7 to 4. If twelve males and three females are absent from a particular practice, the ratio of females and males is five to two. How many members of the... more
Elimination Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


SYSTEM: Solve the system using the indicated method. HELP ME PLEASE!!

Solve the following system using Gaussian elimination.       x + 2y − 2z = 0 3x + 5y − 3z = 20-4x − 3y +  z = -28
Elimination Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Solve the system using Gaussian elimination and back-substitution. Help me please... this is all confusing

 -x + 3y −  z = -9  x − 2y + 2z = 8 2x −  y +  z = 7
Elimination Math Algebra 2


solve 5x+2y=-1 and 3x-4y=11 using elimination

I just need help quickly solving this problem, thank you in advance
Elimination Algebra 2 Substitution


Math question ive been spending hours trying to solve it

A company makes 3 types of cable. Cable A requires 3 black, 3 white, and 2 red wires. B requires 1 black, 2 white, and 1 red. C requires 2 black, 1 white, and 2 red. The company used 95 black, 100... more
Elimination Algebra 2


I need to know how to solve 2x-4y=14 and -4x+8y=6 by elimination

So far I have x=7(don't remember how I got that) but I try to plug it in to one of the equations and I just don't know how.

Does (2-fluoroethyl)benzene undergo elimination via E1cb or E2?

I have seen in two different sources claiming that $\\ce{PhCH2CH2F}$ gives styrene $\\ce{PhCH=CH2}$ when treated with alcoholic $\\ce{KOH}$, but one source suggests an E1cb mechanism, while the... more


Solve equations X+2y=12 and 3x-3y=4 with subsitution and elimination.

So for example like if x+2y=12 end up being at the end x=3.5you would put it into the next equation like 3(3.5)-3y=4and etc for substitution and elimination
Elimination Algebra 2


how do i use the elimination method to solve 3x-7y=-12 -8x+9y=3


2r + s = 11, r –s = 2 Help Elimination or Substitution



Solve the system using elimination.

2x+5y=14 3x-2y=-36

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