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The mathmatical statement 4 C A means? The "C'' is not an actual C.

The mathematical statement 4 C A means? The c is not a c it means its part of a set or something..
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Hi Taylor!
Did you mean 4∈A ? 
Cuz there's a BIG difference between 4⊂A and 4∈A.  4∈A means that A is a set which contains different elements, and 4 is one of those elements.  4⊂A means that 4 is a subset of the set A, but most mathematicians don't say that numbers are themselves subsets of anything-- that's weird.  It's more correct to say {4}⊂A.  But that's kinda nitpicky... which is why I think you meant 4∈A.
Hi Taylor,
There is a set A representing some elements in it. 4 is a part of the set which is represented as 4 ⊂ A.
So 4 being an element from A can also be treated as a set and is called subset of A.
4 ⊂ A, means 4 is a subset of the set A.