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Laws Of Motion Physics


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Newtons Laws of Motion and Forces------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If... more
Laws Of Motion Physics Velocity Gravitation


Laws of Motion related doubt

A uniform chain of length 'l' is placed on a smooth horizontal table, such that half of its length hangs over one edge. It is released from rest, the velocity with which it leaves the tables is... more
Laws Of Motion Physics Projectile


Projectile Question on Range

A projectile is thrown with speed 50√2 m/s at angle of 45° with horizontal. At the highest point it explodes into three fragments of equal mass of which one of the fragment retraces its path,the... more
Laws Of Motion Physics


A spring is compressed and released, what is the decrease in amplitude for one-half cycle?

A mass-spring system oscillates such that the mass moves on a rough surface having coefficient of friction u, it is compressed by a distance a from its normal length and on being released it... more
Laws Of Motion


What is the relation between Newton's First and Second Law of Motion?

Is Newton's First law a particular case of Newton's Second law? Explain.

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