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Stats word probability problem

If possible, please assist me with the formula and finding the answer please!   In a simple game, a six-sided die is rolled 4 times. If all four rolls result in either 1 or 2, then the player... more
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How many ways can you pick the cars so not all are the same size?

For this problem, assume that you are to pick 3 cars from the motor pool, which contains 8 subcompact cars, 8 compact cars, and 5 midsize cars.


(1) How many different casts are there? (2) How many of these casts include Sally?

involving the casting of a play in a community theater. Assume that there are 8 unfilled roles: 3 male and 5 female. There are 6 men and 9 women, including Sally, auditioning for a part in the play.

How many different codes are possible?

Assume that X = { A, D, E} and Y = { 7, 4, 6, 2}. A code consists of 2 different symbols selected from X followed by 2 not necessarily different symbols from Y.

How many ways can the trip be outfitted?

involving the outfitting of a camping trip. Assume that the camper has 5 jackets, 5 sleeping bags, and 11 different packages of food. An outfit consists of 1 jacket, 2 sleeping bags, and 8 packets of


Practice Test Question, Probability with Percents, Please Help?

Mrs. Jones surveys her class about their siblings. In the class, 75% of the students have a brother, 82% have a sister, and 65% have both a brother and a sister. What is the probability that a... more
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In how many ways can this be done?

the chairperson who must select a subcommittee but assume that the committee consists of 13 people including the chairperson and that the chairperson must select a committee of 3 people from the... more
Probability Stats Probability Sets Counting


Compute the following:

(1) C(6,3) = (2) C(7,3) = (3) C(9,5) = (4) C(8,2)· C(8,6) =
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Stats Probability Question. Find P(A|X), P(B|X), and P(C|X).

Suppose we have three mutually exclusive events A, B, and C such that P(A) = .4, P(B) = .4, and P(C) = .2. Also, for some event X, P(X|A) = .75, P(X|B) = .5, and P(X|C) = .5. Find P(A|X), P(B|X),... more
Probability Stats


find the answers

according to research study, 66% of preschool children living in povery have been exposed to cigarette smoke at home. In comparison, 44% of preschool children not in poverty have been exposed to... more
Probability Stats


Need help the question is in the description

In a week before and the week after a holiday, there were 10,000 total deaths and 4965 of them occured in the week before the holiday ... construct a 95% confidence interval estimate of the... more
Probability Stats



Suppose that Body Mass Index (BMI) for a population of 30-60-year-old men follows a Normal distribution with mean 26, and standard deviation 4.   From a random sample of 7 men aged 30-60 years... more
Probability Stats


the consultant tells the investor interest rates will stay the same, what probability should the investor attach to the event that they actually will increase?

An investor is unsure whether interest rates will increase (I), remain the same (S), or decrease (D) by mid-summer. Based on his own experience, he attaches the following probabilities to these... more

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