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Probability and combinatorics questions

If there are 20 people with 17 men and 3 women and they seat themselves randomly at 4 Tables (A,B,C,D) with 5 people each. With all arrangements being equally likely, what is the probability that... more


How many seven-digit numbers have seven distinct nonzero digits that appear in increasing order from left to right?

The answer is 36 but I don't know the solution   


what are the place values in a base b place-value system? What digits are needed?

I'm not really sure what this question is even asking.
Counting Algebra


you have 9 kittens for adoption, you can only afford to bring 3 home. how many different groups can you adopt?

It is a counting problem.
Counting Sets


How many different models can be made?

The 2013 Sierra 1500 pickup truck by GMC comes with six body styles, two drive types, nine exterior colors, two interior colors, two styles of wheels, three choices of engines, and three choices of... more


counting/probability with cards

How many ways can you pick an ace followed by a card that is less than the number 5 from a deck of 52 cards(no replacement)?
Counting Probability


Finding how many possible combinations

There are 8 standard classifications of blood type. An examination for prospective laboratory technicians consists of having each candidate determine the type for 3 blood samples. How many... more


Sets and Counting

In a survey, 195 consumers were asked about their buying preferences concerning a product that is sold in the market under three labels. The results were as follows.11 buy only those sold under... more


Sets and Counting

In a survey of 325 individual investors regarding subscriptions to the New York Times (NYT), Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and USA Today (UST), the following data were obtained.124 subscribe to the... more


Compute the following conditional probabilities:

A and B in a sample space S, but assume that Pr[A] = 0.4, Pr[B] = 0.35, and Pr[A∩ B] = 0.1.  Compute the following conditional probabilities: (1) Pr[A | B] = (2) Pr[B | A] =


In how many ways can this be done?

the chairperson who must select a subcommittee but assume that the committee consists of 13 people including the chairperson and that the chairperson must select a committee of 3 people from the... more


Compute the following:

(1) C(6,3) = (2) C(7,3) = (3) C(9,5) = (4) C(8,2)· C(8,6) =
Counting Simple Equations


Chris have 5 cats and dogs, how many cats does he have?

I'm confused because I don't know if he has 5 cats and 5 dogs Or 5 animals all together.


Chris have 5 cats and dogs, how many cats does he have?

I'm confused on it because I don't know if he have 5 cats and 5 dogs or just 5 all together.
Counting Trigonometry


State License Plates

In a certain state license plate consists of three digits followed by 4 letters.   Find: a. The Number of license plates possible if repetition is allowed. b. The number of license plates... more

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