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Julie S.

asked • 09/07/14

To achieve equilibrium and thus, not lose the game, what is the force Maria must exert and at what angle?

Sally is playing tug of war against two friends. She is pulling with a force of 75 N at 150 degrees. Allison exerts a force of 55 N at 55 degrees. Maria exerts a force as well.

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SURENDRA K. answered • 09/07/14

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Phillip R.

I don't understand your answer because 67.9 degrees is not in the fourth quadrant. should the formula for vertical force have +55sin55 rather than -55sin55?



That is why I said, you draw the figure.
The angle 67.9 degrees is in fourth quadrant, yes.
You can call it -67.9 degrees if you like.
See the component equations.
There is a correction in vertical components equation in your answer.
Since Sally's force is opposing as that of Allison & Maria.
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Phillip R. answered • 09/07/14

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