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Precalculus Honors


Simplify the following expression



then f'(pie/6) =?

If f(x)=tan(2x) then f'(pie/6) =
Precalculus Honors



sec^2x=1-tanx 0≤x≤2π
Precalculus Honors



 sin^2x-cos^2=sinx   please answer
Precalculus Honors Precalculus


Simplify the question

X/x-2 - 3/x+2
Precalculus Honors


dont understand

indentify the intereval(s) on [0,2π] for which the sine function is increasing and cosine function increasing
Precalculus Honors Precalculus Homework


A coin is tossed, and a card is pulled from a standard deck. Find the probability of the following. a tail on the coin or a heart

This question is a probability question, that does not include the simple 1/2 + 13/52. I already tried that and got it wrong. It seems that there is more to the question and I honestly do not get it.
Precalculus Honors


Please help so confused

a washing machine drum rotates at a speed of 1,500 rpm during the spin cycle. What is the angular velocity of the drum in radians per second? a) 25/2pi radians per second b) 50pi radians per... more
Precalculus Honors


i don't understand if you can show work would be great

The end of pendulum with a length of 21 cm travels an arc length of 24 cm. how many degrees does the pendulum swing?
Precalculus Honors Math Math Help



How would I go about this question in solving for x? Also, what kind of problem would this be considered to practice other similar problems?   -1/2(x-2)^4/3=1-3^2
Precalculus Honors


A wire of 8x is bent into the shape of a square. Express the area A of the square as a function of x

Need help solving
Precalculus Honors


Fenced in garden (read in description for full question)

Angela has 140 feet of fencing. She wants to enclose a rectangular vegetable garden and she wants the enclosed area to be at least 1000 square feet. What ranges of values are possible for the... more
Precalculus Honors


Pre calculus

any principal amount invest at 5% annual interest takes 15 years to double. How many years does it take for the principal amount to triple?
Precalculus Honors


I have two questions and if can show the work that would be great for both

Calculate the sum for each of the following inifinite geometric series that converge    1) -16/81 + -8/27 + -4/9 + -2/3 +...   2) √10/4 + 10/16 + 10√10/(64) + 100/256 +...   
Precalculus Honors


if you can show me how to get to the answer would be great

An infinite series converges to 10 with a common ratio of 0.6? What is a1?
Precalculus Honors


Find x such that x-4, x, 3x-8 are three consecutive terms in a geometric sequence.

this is for precalulus honors and if you can show me how you get the answer would be great 
Precalculus Honors


An antique costing $4,000 appreciates each year by 6% of the value it was at the beginning of that year. Find its value after 11 years

i just need help on the question above for my class 
Precalculus Honors Calculus


Continuity problem

f(x)= (x^2+4)/(x-2) if x<=3 or kx-3 if x>3   Determine a value for k that makes the function continuous on the interval (2,10) for all real values of x in that interval. Please solve this!
Precalculus Honors Precalculus Trigonometry


Sonic boom trig question

The US Air Force was running maneuvers with the F22 Raptor, flying low enough so that you could see the shock cone created as the jet flies overhead at supersonic speeds. You wanted to take a video... more
Precalculus Honors Precalculus Precalculus Homework


As a ship sails into the harbor, the navigator sights a buoy at an angle of 20 degrees to the path of the ship.

This ship sails 200 meters farther and finds that the buoy now makes an angle to 38 degrees. 1) How far is the ship from the buoy at the second sighting? 2) What is the closest the ship will ever... more
Precalculus Honors Precalculus Trigonometry


Please help with coordinate axes rotation!

The exact question was: "Rotate the coordinate axes to eliminate the xy term. 2x2 + 2(sqrt3)xy + 4y2 - 8 = 0"   (sqrt= square root)    
Precalculus Honors


What's the formula for the nth term of a arithmetic sequence if a4=-10 and a10=-25

I need to know how to do it
Precalculus Honors Precalculus Homework


If (x - a)(x - 1) + 1 = (x + b)(x + c) is true for all x and if a, b, and c are integers, find the sum of all possible values of a.

very hard problem you are god if you can solve this
Precalculus Honors


How to start off a proof?

Trouble proving (sinx/1-cotx)-cosx/tanx-1 =sinx+cosx using trig identities
Precalculus Honors Precalculus Precalculus Homework


find the angle between vectors u and v. u= <-1,0> v= <0,2>.

Why is it that θ will be 90 and not 270

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