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I found an answer to my problem but I don't think its simplified. Here it is:

cosine 48= 13/x .6691=13/x 1/13 ∗ .6691 = 13/x ∗ 1/13 .6691/13=x   Can my answer be simplified further?!? Please help me!
Precalc Precalculus


9x2+4=2x Solve using the quadratic formula.

9x2+4=2x Solve using the quadratic formula  PLEASE RESPOND ASAP

Sonic boom trig question

The US Air Force was running maneuvers with the F22 Raptor, flying low enough so that you could see the shock cone created as the jet flies overhead at supersonic speeds. You wanted to take a video... more

As a ship sails into the harbor, the navigator sights a buoy at an angle of 20 degrees to the path of the ship.

This ship sails 200 meters farther and finds that the buoy now makes an angle to 38 degrees. 1) How far is the ship from the buoy at the second sighting? 2) What is the closest the ship will ever... more


Which of the 10 digits does A Represent

in the following problem? (A, S, M, and N are all different)   AS * A = MAN


Fifty percent more than what number is 25 percent less than 60 percent more than 10?

please help! Percents arent my thing... 


How many different numbers can be formed by multiplying two or more members of the set

{1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 70}?
Precalc Math Algebra Wabes


A company manufactures an item known as "wabe"

The only shipping containers available require the company to package wabes in quantities that are powers of three. What would be the least number of containers the company could use to fill an... more
Precalc Math Algebra Numbers


In what year was bruce springsteen born? Two digits in the year are the same.

The sum of the digits is a prime and the product of the digits is the square of 18.
Precalc Math Algebra 2 Money


Joe spent 3/4 of his money. Then he lost 3/4 of the money he had left

$6 remained. How many dollars did Joe have originally? 


Consider the rational function...

Consider the rational function f(x) = x2-2x-3 / x3-3x2 .   a) Find all vertical and horizontal asymptotes of this rational function.   b) Find all x-intercepts and y-intercepts of the graph of... more


simplify. Assume no radicals were formed by raising negative quantities to even powers.

(4√3+√5)(√3-9√5) =
Precalc Math Word Problem


In the land of Dardia, the basic unit of length is the Klem.

There are 15 Klems in a Mlef and 7 Kloms in a Klem. The basic units of time are the same as ours. If Randy travels at 33 Mlefs per hour, what is the number of Kloms per second of his speed,... more


someone please help

    I have to sketch a graph for the rational equation with all asymptotes included where are the asymptotes and what points work for drawing the graph   F(x)=X^2-4/x^2-3x+2  
Precalc Trig Identities


Prove the identity

Cos4x= 1/8 (3 + 4cos2x +cos4x)


how do i find all solutions to the equation in the interval [0, 2p]. cos x = sin 2x

I am struggling with my precalc class and i cant seem to answer this one 



I don't understand how to solve these problems. Could you please provide a step by step process?   Thank you   1. 7-4m^(5/3)=-4089   2. 6^3n+1=1   3. 3^-n=(1/27)

Let g(x)=x^2+x. Find formulas for the following functions. g(squareroot x)

g(x)=x2+x.   g(√x)  

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