Asked • 04/15/19

Analysis of a self-written stanza in terms of meter?

A long time ago I used to write poetry, and there was one particular stanza that has always stuck with me and seemed inherently rhythmic, but I’m not familiar with the relevant terminology and so I’m not able to articulate what I’m hearing when I recite it. If possible, could someone please break down the meter and timing? A -~\\—~/~—/-~ style representation would be helpful where a tilde represents a stressed syllable and a dash represents a short one. > It was quite an absurd occurrence Which gave rise to reason for Seven words of swift deterrence Which I’ll now relate through more If I had to take a guess - - ~ / - - ~ / - - - - - ~ / - ~ / - ~ - - ~ / - ~ / - - - - - ~ / - ~ / - ~ Or to write it with stress in caps: > it was QUITE / an abSURD / occurrence which gave RISE / to REA- / -son FOR seven WORDS / of SWIFT / deterrence which I’ll NOW / reLATE / through MORE Apologies, my question is a tad broad, but I’d just like to hear any information and analysis that you can provide of this stanza, particularly the timing/meter. It would also be good if you could provide brief definitions of any technical terminology you employ. Finally, apologies if this is the wrong site. If that is the case, please recommend somewhere else that I can ask!

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