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Story Identification English


Identify a novel/travelogue (18th century) featuring an anecdote about haunted painting?

I'm trying to identify a novel or travelogue, possibly 18th century, possibly translated from French, which features as a significant tangent the story of a haunted painting. I believe the ghost... more
Story Identification English


Dystopian novel that may or may not have been ahead of its time?

Think sci-fi but only about ~20-30 years out. It takes place in NYC and has a huge emphasis on the media, entertainment, and cultural conflict in America. One of the protagonists hosts a radio show... more
Story Identification English


The name of a fantasy story whose end loops back to the beginning?

I am looking for the name and author of a late 80s/early 90s fantasy/sci-fi story whose ending loops back to its beginning due to "time damage". Our hero, at the end, is about to begin the plot all... more


The Merchant of Venice?

İs there any short version of the merchant of Venice to play? We are going to play it in our class but the problem is that the story is too long and we don't have enough time for all of it. I need... more
Story Identification Literature Poetry Geoffrey Chaucer


Looking for a poem about the (fictionalized) writing of The Canterbury Tales Prologue?

A friend of mine used to quote a poem that told the fictionalized story of Chaucer writing the first lines of the Prologue of *The Canterbury Tales*: > "Whan that Aprill with his ... ". When... more
Story Identification Literature William Shakespeare


Name of Shakespeare play in which a woman both saves and punishes a man?

I'm trying to remember a quote I read from a Shakespeare book, but it has been at least 10 years so my memory of it is quite low. The little I remember is a man that is trying to hide enters a... more

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