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What is the preferred number of tasks to assign?

I am going to lead a small team for the first time in my career and I am determined to not subject my team to the same issues that I perceive to have been subjected to as a programmer.This question... more


Best usage of milestones in a Gantt?

**Background**I'm building a project Gantt, involving multiple teams. In the past I've had a good experience with a Gantt as a means of planning a project but not so much as a means of tracking a... more

How to handle confusion of "user stories" term in agile methodology?

I find myself in an non-agile environment where "user story" actually means "use case, backed by an excel requirements specification, a testing specification doc, and a few required wireframes ||... more

Proof that badly scheduled meetings hurt productivity?

I have a friend who is a developer. He is very stressed out by his manager, who seems addicted to meetings. The volume of meetings is a problem, but what is more of a problem is that they are... more


How can I get my team to use our tools and follow a (any) workflow?

I am a Software Engineer at a startup ( 16 employees ), and we are still working like we have 3 employees. The buy in for our tools is very minimal and renders them almost useless.I know we are... more

how to handle multiple project managers?

I am a team leader. My team handles multiple projects. Each has a different project manager. Our priorities keep changing according to deals the company is about to close. The project managers are... more

How do you plan for risks in your project's estimates?

I have been working on the risk-management topic in software development for a while. According to the different literature there could be knowns knowns (typical risks), known unknowns (product... more


Are processes and procedures only for enterprises?

I've had the opportunity to work at quite a few start-ups. One thing I've found to be common in them is adhoc way of doing things and ignorance towards processes, best practices and known project... more

Where to get general info on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)?

I work in a software development company. I have this major ticket for which I have to produce a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). I also have to prepare an estimation for the ticket. The ticket... more


How can we mitigate uncertainty about project estimation in the initial phase?

According to *Boehm’s Software Engineering Economics*, during the project initiation, estimates can be off by as much as 400%.However, in order to make the sale, account managers are expected to... more


Can Extensive Outlining Take the Place of the First Draft?

**Background:** I've been writing fan fiction for five years now. I began when I didn't have a clue what I was doing, so my methods have evolved during those years. By now I have a solid process... more

Small firm with 4 developers and 2 project managers in need of some guidance for project workflow?

I work as a developer in a small IT firm with 4 developers and 2 project managers.We currently implement some sort of traditional project management, in which the workflow for a given project is as... more


How do you avoid the problem of a collaborative work having separate voices?

I've not done collaborative writing before, but I've read several works, and sometimes the text strikes me as having a split personality: some parts were clearly written by one author, while others... more


The Case for Hourly Estimates?

My boss has always operated on fixed pricing projects; where we rarely see a profit on. I'm on board with selling our clients hourly rates on large projects. We have yet to get a client willing to... more

How should a team handle disagreements about story-point estimates in Scrum?

During estimation, the Product Owner presents a user story that seems clear to a team that usually knows their strengths and weaknesses, and that is not hostile. What should the Scrum Master do if... more

How should a project manager capture decisions?

As a project goes through the planning and design phases, many decisions will be made. To develop with technology X instead of technology Y. To leave feature z off of the plan for this version of... more

Software Projects with loose requirements?

What is the best method(s) to keep software projects on track when the requirements are loosely defined? (i.e. Just general functional concepts provided).

What are the benefits of using Gantt charts during the execution phase of a project?

After a decade of managing software projects, I've found Gantt charts to have very limited use after the Planning phase. What are the perceived benefits of Gantt charts, especially during the... more


Is PMP certification an appropriate career goal for someone about to start a career in project management?

Is PMP certification a requirement for a successful career in Project Management? At which point would it be appropriate for a newly starting project manager to plan to include PMP certification?


Is there Scrum ceremony for planning Technical Details on an Agile Project?

Specifically, if we assume that the team spend a day on Sprint Planning using the 4-8 hours of planning for each week of our sprint formula then that doesn't really seem like enough time for the... more

Is keeping two project plans ever appropriate?

I feel that if I publish a project plan that shows completion on date X, I can't very well push for completion at date (X - 3 weeks). But If I publish a plan that shows date (X-3 weeks), how can... more


How to manage different detail levels in a project plan to be presented to different audiences?

In any given project, a variety of detail levels are needed:- executive summary- technical summary- delivery team summary- delivery detailsHow can these different levels of detail be contained and... more

Software tool for resource pipeline planning for multiple projects?

My company has about 20 - 30 open projects at any given time, as well as 5 - 10 that have been approved and will start within the next few weeks. We currently use Basecamp to manage the projects... more

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