Asked • 04/15/19

Best usage of milestones in a Gantt?

**Background**I'm building a project Gantt, involving multiple teams. In the past I've had a good experience with a Gantt as a means of planning a project but not so much as a means of tracking a project's progress.I'm trying to figure out what would be the best way to reflect the integration points and dependencies between teams and then track it as easily as possible.**Current approach**Right now, what I have in mind is creating tasks for teams' activities and after each task that indicates a delivery to another team I creating a milestone, with the task as its predecessor. The receiving team's task depends on the milestone.Example: ==== [Team A develops] +-> * [Team A development complete] +-> ==== [Team B develops]The downside of this approach is that the Gantt gets cluttered with a lot of milestones. The upside is that I get more control down the road around team delivery tracking and an easier way to filter the deliveries of each of the teams. Also, a side benefit is to avoid messing with weird task updates, splits, etc. I would ask for updates to estimated delivery dates.I'd be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas around this issue. How would you approach this?

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Henry J. answered • 04/21/19

Project Management Expert (Especially Innovation)

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