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Ordered Pairs Algebra 1


f(x) = -x^2 + 2 ordered pairs

(-1, 1)B(-1, -1)C(-2, -2)D(2, -2)E(-2, 2)these are the options but i forgot how to find the answer to it i know you use the procces of elimination and have to have it in slope intercept form but im... more
Ordered Pairs Algebra 2


ordered pairs in alg.2

3x-2y=8/ 2x+5y=-1...what's the ordered pair of these 2 equations. use format (a,b)
Ordered Pairs Algebra 2 Functions


Whats the domain of {(-9,-4),(-9,4),(-5,-7),(3,-3),(-2,2)}

Ordered Pairs Equation Series Function


mystery function

How does one find an equation for data given a set of ordered pairs (the function is not linear)?My series begins: (1,1), (2,5), (3,14), (4, 30), (5, 55), (6,91). I am curious about the answer but... more
Ordered Pairs


Find at least three ordered pairs from 5x-3y=12 that satisfy the following equation and graph the line through them.

3 ordered pairs from 5x-3y=12 and graphed
Ordered Pairs Apex Learning


2x+7=4 -4x-3y=14 Express your answer as a ordered pair in format (a,b)

Dolve the following system of equations. Express your answer as an ordered pair in the format (a,b), with no spaces between the numbers or symbol. 2x+7y=4 -4x-3y=14


What is the only ordered pair of real numbers (x,y) that satisfies 7^x-11y=0 and 11^x-7y=0

If possible please include steps and work instead of just the answer.
Ordered Pairs


What are the ordered pairs of 3x-8y=-24

Need to know the ordered pairs  3x-8y=-24
Ordered Pairs


Find three ordered pairs satisfying y=x+3

There are Five multiple choice, Which one is correct ?  A. (-3,3) (-2,1) (-1,2)  B. (-3,0) (-2,2) (-1,2) C. (-3,0) (-2,1) (-1,2)  D. (-2,1) (-1,4) (0,3)  E. (-2,1) (-1,2) (0,5)
Ordered Pairs


What’s the ordered pair for f(x)=x^3-9

what is the ordered pair for f(x)=x^3-9
Ordered Pairs


Find at least three ordered pairs

Good evening, Could some please assist me with this question: Find at least three ordered pairs that satisfy the equation 2x=10-5y. Thank you
Ordered Pairs Algebra 1 Prealgebrai


Is the ordered pair (2,-5) a solution to the equation 4+3x = 2y?

 The correct answer is that (2,-5) is a solution (yes), but i keep getting that it’s not a solution 
Ordered Pairs


Complete the table below to show David's rate while jogging. Which of the following is an ordered pair from the table?

Time :       9        ?        27        36          ?     Distance    1         ?           3           4       5       A. (3, 27)    B. (18,3)    C. (9,18)     D.(45, 5)       Please... more
Ordered Pairs


Name at least six ordered pairs that are solutions to the equation 3x + y = 20

Ordered Pairs


ordered pair for a solution of y= -19/6x+1/3

i need help
Ordered Pairs


for the function 7=7-3x what is the ordered pair for x=5

what is the answer
Ordered Pairs


For this equation, compete the ordered pairs: y=2

we have 2 numbers given for x 5, -8
Ordered Pairs


seven order pairs for y=x^2-8

I need to know what seven ordered pairs are for this equation. Thank you!
Ordered Pairs


Determine the two ordered pair solutions of the equation -x+y=1, given (2, ) and (-6, )

Determine the two ordered pair solutions of the equation -x+y=1, given (2, ) and (-6, )
Ordered Pairs


Determine the two ordered pair solutions of the equation x-y=-3 given (0,) and (-5)

Determine the two ordered pair solutions of the equation x-y=-3 given (0,) and (-5) need to use the table of values
Ordered Pairs


Ordered pair for 2x+y=9

What is an ordered pair that is a solution to the equation: 2x+y=9 

Linear Inequalities Help?

Could someone explain how to do these two by a step-by-step process? Thank you.1. [2,-1] y≥3 y<x+12. [7,-4] y<0 y<x-3

Need help with a word problem about Linear Inequalities?

This is it here - https://pasteboard.co/GzBH6pP.jpg   I'm having difficulty doing this, could someone help me?

Solution Of The Systems Of Linear Inequalities problems?

These two questions are hard for me. :/ It's about Solution of the Systems Of Linear Inequalities, if someone could explain at least one of these two me then I would be very appreciative :)... more


Ordered pair solution of system of linear inequalities?

1. (2,-1); y≥3                          y<x+1   2. (7,-4);y<0               y<x-3

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