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Moles Chemistry


Calculating mole fraction in a gas mixture

A 8.00 L tank at 28.5 C is filled with 19.2 g of carbon dioxide gas and 8.08 g of carbon monoxide gas. You can assume both gasses behave as ideal gasses under these conditions. Calculate the mole... more
Moles Chemistry


Calculating mole fraction in a gas mixture

a 6.00 L tank at -28C is filled with 5.35 g of sulfur hexafluoride gas and 2.54g of sulfur tetrafluoride gas. You can assume both gasses behave as ideal gasses under these conditions. Calculate the... more


What is the volume of 2.3 mol sample of Fluorine at STP?

What is the volume of 2.3 mol sample of Fluorine at STP?


how many mL of a 0.350 M LiOH solution contains 0.0171moles of LiOH

how do you get started, with what formula? 


What is the formula for Barium oxide?

Formula for Barium oxide?  

Do moles change with volume?

Does increasing or decreasing volume change the moles in a solution, or does that just affect the concentration?   If I have 0.035711 moles in 100mL and I'm asked how many moles in 5mL of this... more


How many moles of molecules are in 1 million molecules of Potassium cyanide?

i need help


Write a balance chemical reaction for this and explain why this words using the solubility tables

Vinegar (C2H4O2) is added to kettle to remove lime (CaCo3) bulid up 

Can someone help me with Mole Conversion?

I'm struggling to understand on how to do this, I'm currently trying to use dimensional analysis to solve the problems, please help.   1. What is the mass of 12.5 moles of silicon?   2. How... more

Empirical & Molecular formulas of compounds

Cannizzaro determined that a certain compound of carbon and oxygen had a molecular mass of 44.0 u. This meant that a certain volume of this gaseous compound weighed 44.0 times as much as the same... more


Determine the number of chromium atoms in 46.2 gram of chromium oxide

Formula is Cr2O3

determine the mass of each sample

1.16 mmol carbon disulfide


determine the mass of the sample

1.48 mol carbon tetrafluoride 


how many moles of oxygen are in 6.23 moles of Cr(C2H3O2)3?

please show your work so i can understand. 

moles chemistry question

How many moles of gold atoms do 4.50x10^24 gold atoms constitute?


Solving mole calculations with equations

Magnesium and hydrochloric acid react to form magnesium chloride and hydrogen gas. Calculate the volume of H2 (g) produced at rtp when 4.8g Mg reacts with HCl. (Mg=24)


One of the reaction involved in formation of rust on your car involves iron solid reaction with water and oxygen to form iron (111) hydroxide

a how many iron atoms reacted b how much iron (111) hydroxide could be formed 45 g sample of iron was used



iron, water and oxygen reacts to make iron lll hydroxide   a) how many  iron atoms reacted b) how much iron lll hydroxide could be formed (grams)


How many iron atoms reacted in iron (111) hydroxide

45 g sample of iron was used


A) How many atoms of carbon are contained in 2.13 ×10−5g of carbon?; B) Deduce the empirical and molecular formula.

A chlorinated hydrocarbon compound was analysed and found to consist of 24.24 % of carbon, 4.04 % of hydrogen and 71.72 % of chlorine. From another experiment the molecular mass of the same... more


when 0.001 mole of a chloride was added to water the solution required 40cm3 of 0.05M silver nitrate (AgNO3) for complete reaction. the original chloride is?

These are the possible answers: A) NaCl B)SOCl2 C)PCl3 D)SnCl4


According to this reaction, how many moles of sugar will it be required to produce 2.71 g of water?

  In our bodies, sugar (C6H12O6) reacts with oxygen (O2) we breathe in to produce carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and energy   6CO2 + 6H2O —> C6H12O6 + 6O2


chemistry problem

The natural abundance of 2H is 0.015% and that of 18O is 0.20%. How many 2H218O molecules are there in 1.0 moles of water?


how do you prepare 125ml of 1.5 moles of CaCl2

how do you prepare 125ml of 1.5 moles of CaCl2


Chemistry; solutions

An experiment calls for 50 mL of a 0.5 M aqueous solution of sodium hydrogen carbonate. Describe how you would make up such a solution?

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