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Moles Chemistry


How many molecules are present in 25.00 g of water

Pls help idk how to do this

Balancing Chemical Equations and Moles

Write a balanced chemical equation for the following reaction : decasulfide tribromide reacts with carbon to form bromine gas and carbon sulfide Once you have written a balanced chemical question,... more

Chemistry Question

How much nitrogen is contained in 350.0 g of NH3?


General Chemistry

Ca(OH)2 + 2HBr ---> CaBr + 2H2OIf 4 moles of Ca(OH)2 & moles of HBr was mixed1) what is the limiting reagent2) the number of moles CaBr2 produced3) the grams of CaBr2 produced


Calculate mass in g of Cu(OH)2 left behind after incomplete heating?

12.07g of CuSO4*5H2O is reacted with enough NaOH to completely precipitate Cu(OH)2. The Cu(OH)2 is not heated long enough, so exactly 35.27 percent of Cu(OH)2 is converted to CuO. How much Cu(OH)2... more


General Chemistry

The combustion of propane C3H8 is shown belowC3H8(g)  +  5O2(g) →  3CO2(g)  +  4H2O(g) If this reaction was performed with 3 moles of propane and 10 moles of oxygen, calculate the moles of... more

General Chemistry Limiting Reagent

The combustion of propane C3H8 is shown belowC3H8(g)  +  5O2(g) →  3CO2(g)  +  4H2O(g) If this reaction was performed with 3 moles of propane and 10 moles of oxygen, Identify the limiting reagent


Grams of Calcium Fluoride

Calcium fluoride (CaF2) is often used as the source of fluoride ions (F–) in drinking water to prevent tooth decay. The question is: How many grams of calcium fluoride must be added to a 6.00x108... more

How many atoms are there in 0.228 moles of water?

using dimensional analysis?

How many molecules of nitrogen are there in 7.55 moles of N₂?

using dimensional analysis?

What is the mass of 3.01 x 10²² molecules of carbon dioxide at STP?

using dimensional analysis

What volume, in liters, at STP, is occupied by 3.30 X 10²³ molecules of oxygen gas?

using dimensional analysis

calculating mass/volume at STP

1) What is the mass of 75.0 L of methane gas (CH₄) measured at STP?2) What volume, in liters, will be occupied by 48.8 g of helium gas at STP?3) What volume, in liters, at STP, is occupied by 3.30... more

Chemistry Question Moles and Molecules

Seven moles of calcium hydroxide has_____ number of Molecules i was told the answer is 42.16*10^23 how did they get that as the answer? Thank you

Calculate Moles and Volume

Given the following amounts of gasses, calculate the number of moles of each gas. Calculate the volume of each amount of gas would occupy at 100°C and 15atm. a. 5.8g NH₃b. 48g O₂c. 10.8g He
Moles Chemistry Ions


If I mix 25.0mL of 3.00 M Lead (II) Nitrate with 45.0mL of 2.50 M Potassium Chloride.

What is the final number of moles of potassium ion present? What is the final concentration of potassium ion? What is the concentration of the excess ion at the end of the reaction?I know the... more
Moles Chemistry


Help me solve this question

State the equality: how many moles of uranium are in 41.34 grams of uranium?
Moles Chemistry


What is the maximum Mass that can be produce from a mixture of 2.00*10³g N2 and 8.00*10⁴g H2

How can will find the maximum Mass of ammonia


How many grams of nitrogen are there in a sample of nitrogen that contains 4.0 moles of nitrogen atoms?

Plz help this is due tomorrow and I keep getting stuck on this problem !!!


Molarity Written Response

Angelica made 100mL of a 3.5M salt solution. She wanted to dilute this solution to make 100mL of a 2.1M solution. She calculated that she needed 60mL of her stock solution. She added the 60mL to... more


when you have an equation and you are doing moles.. do you add the number infront of the compund(balancing) for the rmm

i just got confused when you are doing a calculation and there is the balancing do you multiply the coumpound ram by the number?
Moles Chemistry


Calculating mole fraction in a gas mixture

A 6.00 L tank at 9.9 C is filled with 8.35 g of carbon monoxide gas and 13.0 g of sulfur hexafluoride gas. You can assume both gasses behave as ideal gasses under these conditions. Calculate the... more

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