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Chemistry Moles


in 10.0 mL of methanol, how many moles of methanol are there?

Methanol, CH4O is a liquid at room temperature and its density is 0.792 g/mL
Chemistry Moles Chemistry Moles


What is the volume of 2.3 mol sample of Fluorine at STP?

What is the volume of 2.3 mol sample of Fluorine at STP?
Chemistry Moles


Calculate the smallest whole number ration of moles of water to moles of anhydrous salt.

H2O: 1.53g = 8.5 x 10-2 moles  CuSo4 : 0.87g = 5.5 x 10-3 moles
Chemistry Moles


What volume, in millileters, of a 0.151M HI solution is needed to neutralize 68.2mL of a 0.146M Ba(OH)2 solution?

I am trying to figure out this question by the M1V1=M2V2 equation and I know there are 2 mol of HI to 1 mol of Ba(OH)2.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.


I need to calculate the molar extinction coefficient for phycocyanin.

I have a calibration curve, with the equation of the line, and the concentrations of the plotted points, with absorbency plotted against concentration (mg/ml) How do I solve using the Beer Lambert... more
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Empirical & Molecular formulas of compounds

Cannizzaro determined that a certain compound of carbon and oxygen had a molecular mass of 44.0 u. This meant that a certain volume of this gaseous compound weighed 44.0 times as much as the same... more
Chemistry Moles Chemistry Molar Mass Moles


determine the mass of the sample

1.48 mol carbon tetrafluoride 
Chemistry Moles Chemistry Conversion Moles


moles chemistry question

How many moles of gold atoms do 4.50x10^24 gold atoms constitute?

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