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Prevent Excel from clearing copied data for pasting, after certain operations, without Office clipboard?

Whenever you copy a cell or a range of cells in Excel (my version is 2010 on Windows 7), and then do something else like insert new sheet row or simply edit another cell, Excel removes the... more


Tool to remember clipboard content?

Often I use the same terms/sentances/code-segments and want to reuse them during development. I could define snippets in my IDE but I want to use those anywhere and I want to be able to search in... more
Clipboard Linux Unix Terminal


How can I copy the output of a command directly into my clipboard?

How can I pipe the output of a command into my clipboard and paste it back when using a terminal? For instance: cat file | clipboard
Clipboard Microsoft Word


Prevent Word from Including Bullet Letter when Copying Text?

I'm copying quite a bit of text from Word into a text-based application, line by line. The word text is structured like this: > 1. Topic a. Item A > b. Item B When I highlight `Item A`,... more

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