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University Physics


Physics electricity question

A particle of charg, q, enters a region where an electric field is uniform, E = 80000 V/m, and directed downward (-y direction).  Perpendicular to the electric field, and directed in the + z... more
University Physics Science Physics Electrons


Kinetic energy of particles and objects

Calculate the rest energy and the kinetic energy of: a) A 100g ball travelling with the speed of 100m/sb) An electron travelling at a speed of 0.999c. Which one has greater rest energy? Which one... more


Car on a banked curve

You want to design a circular racetrack of radius L such that cars of mass m can go around the track at speed u without the aid of friction or other forces other than the perpendicular contact... more
University Physics


A ball is dropped from rest from the top of a cliff is 25.0m high

A ball is dropped from rest from the top of a cliff that is 25.0 m high. From ground level, a second ball is thrown straight upward at the same instant that the first ball is dropped. The initial... more
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Need help with matlab coding

I need help with writing a matlab program. Its based on a mechanical engineering topic related to mass and springs.   If anybody is interested to do an online tutorial, please respond !
University Physics


What is the angle of Climb (deg) for airplane at 250 KTAS with a climb rate of 4,000 ft/min?

 Aerodynamics question, but related to physics. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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