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University Physics


Physics electricity question

A particle of charg, q, enters a region where an electric field is uniform, E = 80000 V/m, and directed downward (-y direction).  Perpendicular to the electric field, and directed in the + z... more
University Physics Science Physics Electrons


Kinetic energy of particles and objects

Calculate the rest energy and the kinetic energy of: a) A 100g ball travelling with the speed of 100m/sb) An electron travelling at a speed of 0.999c. Which one has greater rest energy? Which one... more


Car on a banked curve

You want to design a circular racetrack of radius L such that cars of mass m can go around the track at speed u without the aid of friction or other forces other than the perpendicular contact... more
University Physics


A ball is dropped from rest from the top of a cliff is 25.0m high

A ball is dropped from rest from the top of a cliff that is 25.0 m high. From ground level, a second ball is thrown straight upward at the same instant that the first ball is dropped. The initial... more
University Physics


What is the angle of Climb (deg) for airplane at 250 KTAS with a climb rate of 4,000 ft/min?

 Aerodynamics question, but related to physics. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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