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Matrices Determinant


Prove that

prove that b2+c2   ab        ac ab        c2+a2   bc              = 4a2b2c2 ca        cb         a2+b2   3X3 Matrix
Matrices Determinants


Find the value of x

a b ax+b b c bx+c = 0ax+b bx+c cFind value of x in this determinantThis is a 3X3 determinant which is equal to zero. A detailed working is expected.


consistent and inconsistent systems with 3 variables

Find wether the following systems are consistent or not:2x-y+z=43x-y+z=64x-y+2z=7-x+y-z=9

Prove/disprove question regarding matrix-vector multiplication and linear independence

If {Bv1,...,Bvk} is a linearly independent set in Rk where B is a k x n matrix, then {v1,...,vk} is a linearly independent set in Rn


Using matrices to solve

An inheritance of $20,000 is divided among three investments yielding $1780 in simple interest per year. The interest rates for the three investments are 7%, 9%, and 11%. Find the amount of each... more


Solving a matrix equation

Solve for the matrix equation:  X - XA = D for x  please show all work


Set up and solve the system of linear equations using matrices.

On July 7, 2004, Shania Twain was scheduled to perform at the TD Waterhouse Centre in Orlando, Florida. The center offered 18,039 seats for the concert in three seating classifications: floor,... more
Matrices Determinant


prove DC^-1 BA^-1=(AB^-1 CD^-1)^-1. First state what you need to show; and then show it properly.

Matrices Determinants
Matrices Determinants


how do you find the value of x in this determinant equation?

4 -3  9 8  x -4 1  5  3


Solving system of equations

A theater has a seating capacity of 900 and charges $4 for children, $6 for students, and $8 for adults. At a certain screening with full attendance, there were half as many adults as children and... more


Matrix Problem!

1.) Compute det B if B= |1 4 -1|                                     |2 3 2 |                                     |-1 2 3|      


Matrices and determinants

If A is an n x n matrix and I is the n x n identity matrix, then the function f(x)=|xI - A| is called the characteristic polynomial of A, and the zeros of f(x) are called the eigenvalues of A.... more


If, on the first observation the system is in state 1, what is the probability that it is in state 1 on the third observation?

A Markov chain has the transition matrix shown below:P=[0.2  0.4]     [0.8  0.6]   1. If, on the first observation the system is in state 1, what is the probability that it is in state 1 on the... more

Find the production schedule that satisfies an external demand for 43 units of coal, 26 units of lumber, and 17 units of steel.

Assume that producing 1 unit of coal requires 0.4 units of coal, 0.1 units of lumber, and 0.2 units of steel; that producing 1 unit of lumber requires 0 units of coal, 0.7 units of lumber, and 0.2... more


A ratio of two parts blue to six parts yellow to make two gallons of lime green. A gallon of lime green sells for ?$27. Find the cost of 1 quart of blue pain.

A hardware store mixes paints in a ratio of two parts blue to six parts yellow to make two gallons of lime green. A ratio of five parts blue to three parts yellow makes two gallons of ocean blue. A... more


Computing Wind Speed

The average airspeed of a single-engine aircraft is 150 miles/hour. If the aircraft flew the same distance in 2 hours with the wind as it flew in 3 hours against the wind, what was the wind speed?... more


Probability and Markov Processes? Free Throws. Please Help.

If she made the last free throw, then her probability of making the next one is 0.9. On the other hand, If she missed the last free throw, then her probability of making the next one is 0.2. Assume... more
Matrices Math Matrix


Applied math Matrices

Given the matrices below showing grades, marks, and population distribution by class, how many males scored <80%?                    Sr3     Sr4 >90%      [ 8%       7%]               M  ... more


Solve the following system of equations using matrices: w + x + y + z = 24 2w + 3x + 4y + 7z = 107 2w + 2x + 3y + 5z = 80 2w + 4x + 7y + 14z 192

Solve the following system of equations using matrices:w + x + y + z = 242w + 3x + 4y + 7z = 1072w + 2x + 3y + 5z = 802w + 4x + 7y + 14z 192

Finding Production matrix

A=  0.8    0.2     D=   6         X= ?       0.1    0.4             3              ?               


I need help on matrices I don't understand

A small business takes out loans from three banks to buy some new equipment. The total amount of the three loans is $34000. The first bank offered an interest rate of 16%. The second bank offered a... more

Volume of a Pyramid

Find the volume of a pyramid given its height is 138.8m and its base is 230.4m along the side   use the formula:           | x1  y1  z1  1|                                       | x2  y2  z2 ... more


. Show that any linear transformation maps the origin to the origin.

Please answer the question. I am stuck and I do not how to prove the question given. 

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