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Finding Production matrix

A=  0.8    0.2     D=   6         X= ?       0.1    0.4             3              ?               


I need help on matrices I don't understand

A small business takes out loans from three banks to buy some new equipment. The total amount of the three loans is $34000. The first bank offered an interest rate of 16%. The second bank offered a... more

Volume of a Pyramid

Find the volume of a pyramid given its height is 138.8m and its base is 230.4m along the side   use the formula:           | x1  y1  z1  1|                                       | x2  y2  z2 ... more


. Show that any linear transformation maps the origin to the origin.

Please answer the question. I am stuck and I do not how to prove the question given. 


Matrices Question

use the matrices to solve     6x+5y=11   3x-2y=-8


I need help solving a word problem using matrices.

A ceramics workshop makes wreaths, trees and sleighs for sale at Christmas. A wreath takes 3 hours to prepare, 2 hours to paint and 10 hours to fire. A tree takes 17 hours to prepare, 3 hours to... more

Given matrices find A - 2B and etc

A= [1 -2]      [-4 0] B= [0 1 0]      [-3 2 1] C=[-1 -1]     [0 -2] (the brackets are actually suppose to be connected for each one)   (a) Find     A - 2B =Answer:   First row=?            ... more


The resilt of 9 matches played by 4 football teams can be shown in a table or stored in a matrix.

Team                 wins           draws        losses   A                         3                6              0   B                         2                1              6   C... more


How to solve for x?

|X   12   13| |0   X-2  23| =0 |0    0   X-4|  


Given the matrices... Find A times B

A=[-1 0]     [0 -2] B=[1 -2]     [3 -1] (the brackets in each A and B are actually suppose to be connected) 1st row=? 2nd row=?  


Given the matrices...Find 2A-3B

A= [1 2]      [-1 0] B=[-1 -3]     [4 1] first row=? second row=?   (the brackets for each A and B should be connected)


Given the following matrices find E times F

E=[0 1]     F=[1 2 0]    [-1 2]        [-1 -2 -1]    [1 3](All of the brackets for each E and F should actually be conjoined)First row=? second row=? third row=?
Matrices Matrix


determine the indicated matrix of operations

let A= [-6 5             1 7             5 8]  and B = [7 -3                                  -3  2                                   2  5]    Find A+ B


HELP: Supposed to solve using Matrix...

In a recent game at your community college, the men’s basketball team made 45 baskets from the field; some were 2-pointers and some were 3-pointers. In total, 101 points were made from the field.... more


Find all 2x2 matrices

Find all 2x2 matrices A that are symmetric and whose squares are equal to themselves


solve the system x+y+z=105 76x+53y+64z=6517 x-z=6622 x=? y=? z=?

solving linear equations with 3 variables by using matrices
Matrices Matrix


Triangle ABC with A (4,5), B (-3,4) and C(1,-4) is reduced so that its perimeter is one-half the original perimeter. Write the coordinates of the result image.

We are learning about Matrices and it's still a little confusing for me. 


Solve the system using matrices (row operations)

{ 6x+5y=62    5x-6y=-50   x=? y=?


Matrix 2x1 transpose - inverse

If A and B are any matrices of order 2×1, why does the product ABt have no inverse?


What does invariant line- y axis mean? How to find the matrix of shears and stretches without memorising?

I know that invariant line- y axis means that the stretch or shear is parallel to the x axis - but what does that mean??   Also, how can i use base vectors to find the matrix of shears and... more


Unit matrix

Define unit matrix and illustrte using examples


system of linear equations: Matrices

Carletta has $10,000 to invest. as her financial consultant you recommend that she invest in treasury bills that yield 6%, treasury bonds that yield 7%, and corporate bonds that yield 8%. Carletta... more


Use a matrix approach to solve the system

x − 3y − z = 133x + y − 4z = −13−2x + 5y + 3z = −19   x = ? y = ? z = ?   (If the system has infinitely many solutions, express your answer in terms of k, where x = x(k), y = y(k), and z = k.... more


a,b,c are matrices a + b + c = b + a + c true or false

a,b,c are matrices a + b + c = b + a + c true or false

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