Katelyn B.

asked • 11/26/13

Use a matrix approach to solve the system

x − 3y − z = 13
3x + y − 4z = −13
−2x + 5y + 3z = −19
x = ?
y = ?
z = ?
(If the system has infinitely many solutions, express your answer in terms of k, where x = x(k), y = y(k), and z = k. If the system is inconsistent, enter INCONSISTENT.)
I already got y = -5 and z = 2 but am not getting a correct answer for x. I would be very grateful for some assistance!

2 Answers By Expert Tutors


Carlos T. answered • 11/26/13

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Experienced Math Teacher - From Basic Algebra to Advanced Calculus

Katelyn B.

Thank you so much Carlos!


Carlos T.

Welcome! Best of luck.


William S. answered • 11/26/13

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Experienced scientist, mathematician and instructor - William

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