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how do you put y=-4/6x-2 in standard form?

would the negative sign go with the numerator or denominator when you multiply all the terms by the denominator
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help please show me how to slove

In 1891, Almon B. Strowger patented a phone‐dialing machine that could connect up to 82 subscribers. a. If he had tested his invention on 10 subscribers, how many different two‐party calls would... more
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i want knew if any body can tell me how to do this i dont want and answer just given to me i want knew how to work it

Use the table data for a particular region of states to answer the following questions. Percentage of PopulationNot High School Graduates(to nearest... more
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F(x)=314-2x what is the rate of change?

this scenario can be represented by the function F(x)=314-2x so what is the rate of change??
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Is this geometric or arithmetic

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linear programming

Solve the following linear programming problem, and state what the maximum value is:  Max 11 x+ 5  Subject to 12x + 4y <= 48 x + y >= 6   x >= 0 y >= 0                      
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How many songs did each girl download

Three girls downloaded a total of 36 songs on there iPods. Jane downloaded twice as many as Inez and since Tracy wanted to have the most she downloaded one more then Jane did how many songs did... more
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An airplane's position changes -1500 feet per minute. What integer represents the total change in position of the airplane after 5 minutes?

Am I suppose to multiply or divide? That is what I dont understand. 

full strength anti freeze is 12.99 a gallon. they also sell a 50/50 pre-mix which is diluted 50% with water for 10.99 a gallon.

Full question: full strength anti freeze is 12.99 a gallon. they also sell a 50/50 pre-mix which is diluted 50% with water for 10.99 a gallon. how much are you paying per gallon for water if you... more
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Suppose that 9% of births are twins. If we assume no other multiple births (triplets, etc.), what percentage of the population are twins?

Hint 1: The answer is not 9% or 18%. Hint 2: Do not confuse the given percentage of births with the percentage of the population. Hint 3: Use 100 births to calculate the answer.
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could someone please help me?

Factor the following.3r^2-12   i thought it was 3r(r-4) but i got it wrong :(
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Someone good at Business Math questions? Please help, I am so stuck!!

Laura Russo lost her earnings statement from Siler's Lawn and Garden. She recalls paying $43.00 in federal income taxes and knows she deposited $306.36 in her checking account. Each week she had... more

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