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Should U.S. policymakers be concerned about income inequality?

Yes or no explain. What do you think?
Macroeconomics Economics Microeconomics


I don't understant this paragraph. ECON 201

I read this paragraph many times, but I still don't understand what is it talking about."Since governments perform all of these society-enhancing functions, in large measure governments reflect the... more


Finding the Slope of Linear Demand and Supply Curves

In the summer, when concert tickets sell for $75, there are always 150,000 people that are willing and able to buy them, and the producers are willing and able to release 300,000 tickets. When the... more


Consider a representative consumer with the following lifetime utility: 

Consider a representative consumer with the following lifetime utility: U(C0,C1)=C-C20/2 +0.5E(C1-C21 /2)Consumer's income Y0 at time t = 0 equals 10 with probability 1, while income Y1   may be... more

Hicksian IS LM framework and Conditions of Policy effectiveness

Consider closed economy described by IS-LM model:Consider closed economy described by IS-LM model:PE = Ca + MPC(Y - T) + I(r) + GAE = YM/P= L(Y,r)Case 1: Investment trap. Assume investments are nor... more


Assume that a firm plans to pay $ 10 bln of dividends each year indefinitely long in the future. Let r 0.05 be the annual return to treasury bonds.

Assume that a firm plans to pay $ 10 bln of dividends each year indefinitely long in the future. Let r 0.05 be the annual return to treasury bonds. Finally, let the replacement value of firm's... more


Need help with some questions please!

assume macro equilibrium occurs along the short-run regions of the aggregate supply curve. When aggregate demand increases, unemployment:a. Decreases and the price level decreasesb. Decreases and... more
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How do I solve this question based on the Keynesian Cross Model?

In the Keynesian-cross model, if the MPC equals 0.75, then a $3 billion decrease in taxes increases planned expenditures by ______ and increases the equilibrium level of income by _____it would be... more


Precautionary saving

Precautionary saving Assume a representative consumer who lives for 2 periods, t = 0, 1, and whose lifetime utility is given by U = ln c0 + E ln c1, where E is the expectation operator. The... more
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Without notice, investment spending dramatically rises in the United States. Explain the impact of this sudden increase in investment spending on each of the following for the United States.

Aggregate Demand Output Real capital The Production Possibilities Curve Long-run Aggregate Supply


Which of the following is true?

The Macro Islands can produce either 250 bamboo towels or 500 botanical soaps using all its resources. The Micro Islands can produce either 30 bamboo towels or 300 botanical soaps using all its... more


All of the following are factors that can shift the supply curve for free weights, except

Select one:A. an increase in the price of lead used to make them.B. a cut in the price of free weights.C. a new free weight molding machine.D. a subsidy for producers.E. an increase in the number... more


If the supply of baseball caps decreases, then

Select one:A. demand will increase to match the increase in supply.B. the price of peanut butter will increase.C. the quantity demanded of peanut butter will decrease.D. the quantity demanded of... more
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AP Microeconomics

The ___ show(s) the quantity of a good consumers would be willing and able to purchase at a given time for a range of prices while holding all other factors constant.a) demand curve and demand... more


Macroeconomics cour

If the minimum wage is higher than the prevailing market wage, it becomes a binding ___________________  (A)  . While many people want to work for a higher wage, fewer employers want to hire them,... more


If the marginal propensity to consume is 6.5 what is the marginal propensity to save?

Macroeconomics Economics


Macroeconomics Homework

1.1 Use the following data: total population, 500; population under 16 years of age or institutionalized, 120; not in labor force, 150; unemployed, 23; part-time workers looking for full-time jobs,... more


Explain the Government Spending & Taxing Multiplier using MPC & MPS



Introduction to Macroeconomics

1.     A simple Macro economy economic model is presented by the following information:Consumption expenditure = 1200 + 0.9YDDisposable Income (YD) = Y – NTNet Taxes = 100 +... more
Macroeconomics Economics


What is the difference between CPI and GDP deflator?

Did I answer these questions correctly? Sally: US Citizen Arthur: UK Citizen (When I say GDP & CPI I mean exclusively for the US) 1) An airplane made in the US and bought by a US airline is... more


Do you think the United States should employ more protectionism or less? Why ?

What do you think the end result would be


How do i find the value of a product(shampoo) in real gdp?

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