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In a paragraph, explain what the balance of payments is and how current account surpluses and deficits work and how they impact the balance of payments. Give an example illustrating a scenario... more
Macroeconomics Ppf Curve


Consider the PPF for clean air and automobile travel

Explain why unregulated air pollution in automobile would push a country inside its PPF. Illustrate your discussion with a carefully drawn PPF for these two goods, clean air and automobile travel


Economics and Inflation Rates

The equilibrium interest rate in Canada is 8%. Canada is a small open economy. The interest rate in the U.S. is 4%. Now suppose that the interest rate in the U.S. rises to 6%. What can explain this... more


State and explain which country has the comparative advantage in producing smart phones.

Table shows the production of smart phones and hybrid cars for Japan and South Korea without international trade.  Country Smart phones (units) Hybrid cars (units) Japan 90 130 South... more


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A​ variable-rate mortgage of ​$140,000 is amortized over 20 years by equal monthly payments. After 12 months the original interest rate of 8​% compounded semi-annually was raised to 8.8​%... more
Macroeconomics Quantitative Analysis


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Western Pipelines pays $280 at the beginning of every quarter for using a tract of land. What should the company offer the property owner as a purchase price if interest is 5.3​% compounded... more


I need help with math for socialsciences

Firm’s total cost function is of the form of TC=2Q + 14 (i.e., a firm’s fixed costs are 14 and the variable costs are 2 per unit). The corresponding profit function is of the form 𝜋 = AQ2 + 𝛽Q + F... more


Assume a business is deciding whether to invest in a new project that is projected to generate profits of $90000 each year for the next...?

A) If the business normally earns 11% on its investments, should the business invest? B) If the business normally earns 5% on its investments, should it invest?
Macroeconomics Economics


Keynesian Theory

Which is more efficient to use government expenditures or taxes to bring the economy from a recessionary gap to non-inflationary full employment level? Why?


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In a paragraph explain what aggregate demand and aggregate supply are and give an example illustrating how each work. In a second paragraph, explain how aggregate demand and supply are different... more
Macroeconomics Economics


Keynesian Fiscal Policies

Would you recommend a Balance Budget Multiplier method to bring the economy from a recession to non-inflationary full employment level? Why?
Macroeconomics Economics


What happens in a circular flow diagram?

. In the circular flow diagram:A.) profit flows from the product market to the firms.B.) revenue flows from the resource market to the households.C.) consumer spending flows from the product market... more


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Identify the type of unemployment that would be present if each of the following individuals was actively looking for work. Explain. Caroline lost her job when the mortgage company she worked for... more


Trade and Tariffs

When the United States puts tariffs on imports, who do you think ultimately pays for these tariffs? Is it the foreign companies selling here, American consumers or both? Please explain.Is it good... more


Analyse the possible impact of genetically modified seeds on the price of Monsanto shares

Monsanto extractMonster is an MSc with over 21,000 employees spread across many countries. It produces agricultural and vegetable seeds, plant biotechnology traits (e.g. genetic modification) and... more


Use the information in the table to calculate real GDP for 2012, assuming that the base year is 2005. (Assume that all the tomato is used in the production of tomato soup.)

2005 2012 2013 Q P Q P Q PTextbooks 100 45 100 60 100 65Hamburgers 75 2 90 2 100... more


Write a story using the following terms

NeedWant Incentive Opportunity Cost Trade-Off Scarcity Land Capital Labor Entrepreneur Good ServiceProductivity ... more


For each of the following scenarios, classify the type of spending (C,I,G,Xn), describe its impact on gross domestic product (increase, decrease, not impacted), and explain your answer.

A new airplane purchased by United Parcel Service The tuition you pay during your first year of college The social security check your grandmother receives A new purchase of 50,000 shares of... more


Which of the following would cause the short-run aggregate supply curve to shift to the left?

a. An increase in the interest rateb. An increase in the wage ratec. A decrease in the expected price leveld. A decrease in the capital stocke. An increase in the natural rate of unemployment
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An increase in which of the following is consistent with an outward shift of the production possibilities curve?

a. Exportsb. Aggregate demandc. Income tax ratesd. Long-run aggregate supplye. Transfer payments


Classifying Employed, Unemployed, and Not in the Labor Force

Classify each of the following individuals in one of the following categories: employed, unemployed, or not in the labor force. Steve worked 40 hours last week in an office supply store Roger lost... more


Consumer Price Index

In January 1980, the CPI stood at 77.8, and by January 2006, it was 198.3. Assume college graduates entering the job market were being paid on average $1,200 a month in 1980, and in January 2006,... more

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