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Why is ''>0 True in Python?

In Python 2.6.4: >> ''>0 True Why is that?


python build a dynamic growing truth table?

My question is simple: "how to build a dynamic growing truth table in python in an elegant way?" for n=3 for p in False, True: for q in False, True: for r in False, True: print '|{0} | {1} |... more


Check severeal boolean returns in same time?

I have several bool elements and I am checking it if returns me false. bool i = false; switch (idcount) { case 1: i = p1(); break; case 2: i = p1() & p2(); break; case 3: i = p1() &... more


Can we implement a doubly-linked list using a single pointer?

I want to use a structure like: struct node { char[10] tag; struct node *next; }; I want to use the above structure to create a doubly-linked list. Is that possible and if yes, then how I can... more
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Display 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11 as 1-6,8,10-11?

> I have this sequence **1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11** > > Expected output is **1-6,8,10-11** This problem is about formatting the sequence in easy readable form I tried with c# and used many... more


How can I simplify this set of if statements? (Or, what's making it feel so awkward?)?

My colleague showed me this piece of code, and we both wondered why we couldn't seem to remove duplicated code. private List<Foo> parseResponse(Response<ByteString> response) { if... more

Fastest way to get sign in Java?

I'd like to get the sign of a `float` value as an `int` value of -1 or 1. Avoiding conditionals is always a good idea in reducing computational cost. For instance, one way I can think of would be... more


Why does 2 && 3 results in 3 (javascript)?

When I type in browser's console: console.log(2 && 3) it results always with second number (in this case 3): 3 Can someone explain me why?
Logic Java


A java practice problem?

I came across this problem in javabat(http://www.javabat.com/prob/p183562): > We want to make a row of bricks that > is goal inches long. We have a number > of small bricks (1 inch each)... more
Logic Php


What should be passed into if() to print 'Hello World'?

What should be passed into the if() to print the output as "Hello World"? [Note: It should execute the else block.] if(?){ } else { echo "World"; }


Fastest way of finding the middle value of a triple?

Given is an array of three numeric values and I'd like to know the middle value of the three. The question is, what is the <i>fastest</i> way of finding the middle of the three? My... more

unusual ternary operation?

I was asked to perform this operation of ternary operator use: $test='one'; echo $test == 'one' ? 'one' : $test == 'two' ? 'two' : 'three'; Which prints two (checked using php). I am still... more


Type-juggling and (strict) greater/lesser-than comparisons in PHP?

PHP is famous for its type-juggling. I must admit it puzzles me, and I'm having a hard time to find out basic logical/fundamental things in comparisons. For example: If `$a > $b` is true and... more

Parsing Java Source Code?

I am asked to develop a software which should be able to create Flow chart/ Control Flow of the input Java source code. So I started researching on it and arrived at following solutions: To create... more
Logic Javascript


Can !a!=!!b^!!-!a||!+!a|!c return anything other than 1?

I was playing the Javascript game with somebody and we were having fun making ridiculous and absurd expressions to make our inputs get a particular output. This little charming one ... more

General rules for simplifying SQL statements?

I'm looking for some "inference rules" (similar to set operation rules or logic rules) which I can use to reduce a SQL query in complexity or size. Does there exist something like that? Any... more
Logic Java Algorithm


All possible words?

I want to create all possible 5 letter words using a-z.Please suggest any good and fast algorithms. I have tried creating one and it looks something like this... byte[] allchar=new byte[]... more
Logic Html Jquery


Find the number of lines in a div?

I want to show 'View All' kind of link, only when the lines in the div has reached 4 lines. **HTML** <div> 3PAS-Pub-IO-doubleclick.net-LI, ATOM_DFP_Pub_LI,... more


Let p and q represent the following simple statements. ​p: I study. ​q: I graduate. Write the following compound statement in symbolic form. Upper I do not study or Upper I graduate.

Let p and q represent the following simple statements.​p: I study.​q: I graduateWrite the following compound statement in symbolic form.I do not study or i graduatethe symbolic form is.
Logic Math


A bag of rivets weighs 1050g. 114 rivets weighs 10g. How many rivets in the bag?

I initially figured this as 10/114=0.088g per rivet. Meaning 1050g/0.88g=11,931.818181... rivets in the bag.But now I'm second guessing myself. I truncated the weight per rivet to 0.088g/rivet. It... more


How to parse a string of boolean logic in PHP?

I'm building a PHP class with a private member function that returns a string value such as: 'true && true || false' to a public member function. (This string is the result of some regex... more

What is fuzzy logic?

I'm working with a couple of AI algorithms at school and I find people use the words Fuzzy Logic to explain any situation that they can solve with a couple of cases. When I go back to the books I... more


Is "I cannot imagine a mechanism for X to happen, so X can never happen" a named logical fallacy?

"I have encountered this reasoning quite frequently: Somebody posits the hypothesis that an event X can happpen. A recent example I encountered was ""vinegar and salt in the boiling water make... more


Logic: is ( A && !(B || C)) || ( B || C ) the same as ( A || B || C )?

I've encountered some obj-c code and I'm wondering if there's a way to simplify it: #if ( A && !(B || C)) || ( B || C ) is this the same as? #if ( A || B || C ) If not, is there... more
Logic C# Date .net


End of month calculations?

Just wondering if any know of an elegant solution for the following. If I have 30 June 2009 and I add a month I want it to go to 31 July 2009, not the 30 July 2009. This logic is based on the... more

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