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Logic Philosophy


How can one become a better thinker?

Logic Philosophy


How do I find my real purpose in life?



Please solve this proof ASAP.

(J v A) > [(S v K) > (~I • Y)] (~I v ~M) > E // J > (S > E)
Logic Algebra 2


Critical Thinking

The owner of a hotel needs to decorate 20 rooms. He has found prices for four different types ofinterior wood paint and calculated the volume of paint he needs for each room. He will use thesame... more
Logic C Xor


C: XNOR / Exclusive-Nor gate?

I am trying to find the most effective way of writing a XNOR gate in C. if(VAL1 XNOR VAL2) { BLOCK; } Any suggestions? Thanks.
Logic Proof


I need help finding out how to solve this proof

Can you prove anything in philosophy?

I don't understand philosophy very well, and so I am wondering whether you can "prove" anything in philosophy. It always seems you can go a layer down, and find another question, almost endlessly... more
Logic Python


How to do while loops with multiple conditions?

I have a while loop in python condition1=False condition1=False val = -1 while condition1==False and condition2==False and val==-1: val,something1,something2 = getstuff() if... more


Is there a way to understand material implication without truth-tables?

I understand how, given the truth-functional definition of the conditional, any sentence of the formIf P then Q is truth-functionally equivalent to Either not-P or QOr, to put it symbolically:  P →... more


In Java, what are the boolean "order of operations"?

Let's take a simple example of an object `Cat`. I want to be sure the "not null" `cat` is either orange or grey. if(cat != null && cat.getColor() == "orange" || cat.getColor() == "grey")... more


Multi-variable switch statement in c#?

I would like use a switch statement which takes several variables and looks like this: switch (intVal1, strVal2, boolVal3) { case 1, "hello", false: break; case 2, "world", false: break; ... more

Distinguishing extra element from two arrays?

One of my friend was asked this question in an interview - - You have given two integer arrays each of size 10. - Both contains 9 equal elements (say 1 to 9) - Only one element is... more


Python simple if or logic statement?

How would you write, in python: if key < 1 or key > 34: I've tried every way I can think of, and am finding it very frustrating.

Is 1+1=2 true by definition ?

Logic C


1 = false and 0 = true?

I came across an is_equals() function in a c API at work that returned 1 for non-equal sql tables (false) and 0 for equal ones (true). I only realized it after running test cases on my code, one... more
Logic C# .net


&& operator behaves like || operator?

I am a beginner and I've been trying to run a program that prints all the numbers from 1 to N (user input) except for those that are divisible by 3 and 7 at the same time. What my code does... more
Logic Java Xor


In Java XOR with three true inputs returns true. Why?

The following code System.out.println("1 0 0: " + (true ^ false ^ false)); System.out.println("1 0 1: " + (true ^ false ^ true)); System.out.println("1 1 0: " + (true ^ true ^ false)); ... more

Help to understand this question from reading comprehension in my GRE textbook?

> *The organizers of tomorrow's outdoor concert announced that it will go on tomorrow on schedule unless bad weather is forecast or too few advance tickets are sold. If the concert is canceled,... more


What's so fallacious about the Slippery Slope Fallacy?

When you look at the world, I think it's a rather non-controversial statement that a good percentage, if not a majority, of social problems are caused by people making choices based solely on... more


Singular Plural?

Is the word "**gene**" a countable noun? I'm asking you this question to answer the problem below:"Proponents argue that this particular strain is altered only by the removal of **the gene**... more
Logic Javascript


Can someone explain this JavaScript auto executing function?

var foo = (function(){ var x = 0; return function(){return x++;}; })() Why the var x = 0 expression only runs once is my biggest misunderstanding about this.

Jasmine expect logic (expect A OR B)?

I need to set the test to succeed if one of the two expectations is met: expect(mySpy.mostRecentCall.args[0]).toEqual(jasmine.any(Number)); ... more


Scala - Prefix Unary Operators?

I've recently given Scala a second chance, and started with the project I always implement (in functional or pseudo-functional languages): an automated reasoner for propositional logic (and later... more


Which of the following statements about correlation and causation is true?

Which of the following statements about correlation and causation is true?Causation implies correlation.Correlation and causation are always unrelated.Correlation cannot occur without... more

Is it a fallacy, and if so which, to believe we are special because our existence on Earth seems improbable?

People often use the argument that there must be a God, for example, because Earth and the laws of physics are perfectly situated for humans to exist the way we do. However, if Earth or even the... more

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