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lineer algebra math question

Reduce A and B to their triangular echelon forms U. Which variables are free and pivot ?A=[1 2 24 6, 1 2 36 9, 0 0 12 3] B=[2 4 2, 0 4 4, 0 8 8]
Linear Equations Math Algebra 1 Linear Algebra


Algebra Linear Question

The sum of three consecutive numbers is equal to the smallest number multiplied by 4
Linear Equations Math Algebra 2 Linear Algebra


Linear Algebra question

Identify the property illustrated in: If x + 5 = 6, then 3x + 15 = 18?
Linear Equations Linear Algebra


Find the whole answer of Ax = b, including all steps.

A = [2 4 642 5 762 3 52] b = [b1b2b3] = [435]
Linear Equations Linear Algebra


How to Graph a Line given 1 point and the slope!

Graph the line that contains the point (-4, -7) and has a slope of 2 (m = 2).
Linear Equations Math


A person is choosing between two cell phone plans. Data Plan A has a monthly fee of $46 and a charges $11 per gigabyte(GB). Data Plan B has a monthly fee of $41 and charges $16 per GB.

Define the variables, write a system of linear equations that describes the situation, determine how many GB of data will the costs of the two plans be the same, and what the cost of the plans is,... more
Linear Equations Linear Algebra Linear Model


Consider the model w=10-0.6v with predictor v and w response .


Slope-Intercept Form

I need to find the slope-intercept form.SLOPE: -4x-intercept: 4
Linear Equations


Forms of Linear Equations

Which equation represents the line that passes through the point (4, -2) with a slope of 1/2?
Linear Equations Math Calculus Linear Algebra


Find the local linear approximation L(x) of the function f(x)=x^2+3 at x=1 .

It will be really helpful if you describe briefly.
Linear Equations Algebra 1


Linear Equation Word Problems

1) To rent a canoe, you pay a one-time fee plus $8 per hour. Jill rented one for 3 hours and paid $49.A) What is the fee?B) How much would it cost for 5 hours?
Linear Equations Math Algebra 1 Calculus


Arizona taxes problem.

The following is from the actual Arizona state tax table for 2020 taxes.A single person whose taxable income is between $0-$27,272 is charged 2.59% in tax.A single person whose taxable income is... more
Linear Equations Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Piecewise linear functions

Derek earns $25 per hour (or part of an hour) for a regular 40-hour work week. Sometimes, he works over 40 hours a week and earns “double time” for the extra hours worked. (That means that his... more
Linear Equations Independent Variables


How to find the equation that expresses the total cost in terms of the number of hours?

Aaron's World Processing Service (AWPS) does world processing. The rate for services is $32 per hour plus a $31.50 one-time charge. The total cost to a customer depends on the number of hours it... more
Linear Equations Algebra 1


Graphing linear equations.

So the problem is x+2y=4

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