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Percent Decrease in an Exponential Decay Model of the Price of Corn

Over the last 10 years, the price of corn has decreased by 25% per bushel(a) Assuming a steady percent decrease, by what percent does it decrease each year? Round to the nearest percent.(b)... more

Differentiation, Quadratic Equations and the Discriminant

Let f(x) = 5ax^3 - 2bx^2 +4cx1 Find dy/dx f(x)2 Given that f'(x) => 0 and a > 0, show that b^2 =< 15ac


Properties of logarithms

Expand each logarithm.Log(6 x 11)



Let A and B be independent evnets where P(A)=0.3 and P(B)=0.6Find P(AnB)Find P(AuB)Find P(AnB’)

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