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Grade 10 Math Works Trigonometry


Triangle side a is 8cm b is 9cm how long is c

Grade 10 Math Works


Okay so my current grade as in my final is a 78 , i have a exam worth 10% percent what do i need to make inorder to pass my school can only pass with a 80 above

I need a 80 above to pass my geometry class my exam is worth 10 percent 
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I need help finding the value of j in this algebra problem

So here’s the word problem: Billy has 3/4 of the money Derek has, and Derek as 7/9 of the money Jason has. If they had a total of 680$, how much would each person have? Here is the equation I... more
Grade 10 Math Works Ib Maths


Unit Conversion Word Problem

A tire has a diameter of 3 ft. How many times will it rotate across a 297 yd field?
Grade 10 Math Works Math Help Exponent Math Grade 10


Without evaluating, which power has the least value: 7^-155, 49^-78, 343^-53

^-155 means to the exponent -155

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