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Chi Square


What is the test statistic?

The table below contains information from a survey among 499 participants classified according to their age groups. The second column shows the percentage of obese people per age class among the... more
Chi Square


chi square or t test

1. What is the difference between t test and chi square,2. Which test to be used for my below hypothesis and why?"Is there a difference between gender (male/female) on voting behavior". 3. Can I... more


Chi square test, what is null and proposed hypothesis

According to genetic theory the number of colour strains, red, yellow, blue and white in flower A should appear in proportions 4:9:8:4. Observed frequencies of red, yellow, blue and white strains... more


Chi Square

Vehicles heading west on Front Street may turn right, left, or go straight at Elm Street. The city trafficengineer believes that half of the vehicles will turn left through the intersection. Of the... more
Chi Square Statistics


Statistics with chi square

Race of Offenders Type of Lawyer. White    Nonwhite.   Total Private.                 95.        25.         120                          (47.5%). (8.3%)Court appointed  105.         275.    ... more

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