Megan N.

asked • 10/16/13


Some questions I really don't understand. Please help on as many as you can. Thank you.
1) Write an expression using exponents, and find the total area of a pair of squares given their side lengths
a) 6cm,7cm
2)The population of deer on Mount Washington is 2500. If the growth of the deer population is 1.5% each year. Determine the expression that can be used to calculate the deer population after n years.
a)P= 2500(1.5)n
b)P= 250091.015)n
c)P= 2500(1.15)n
d)P= 2500(0.015)n
3)Express each number as a product of two powers
a) 100
b) 108
c) 72
d) 2500
That's all! Thank you so much! :)

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Alex V. answered • 10/17/13

College doesn't make you smart. College teaches you to be resourceful.

William S. answered • 10/17/13

Experienced scientist, mathematician and instructor - William

Andrew K.

The answer the number 2 should be b) P=2500(1.015)n 
The population is growing by 15% each year, so this equation would tell you the population after any given number of years.
d) would give the population if it were decreasing to 1.5% of its value each year.


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