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if i have a 63 in this class and i got a 68 on my exam what is my grade now?

i have a 63 in english and i got a 68 on my exam. our exams are worth 20% of our grade. i would like to know what my grade is as of now.


The length of a rectangle is 56 centimeters. Find all possible values for the width of the rectangle if the perimeter is at least 186 centimeters.

Answer choices are as follows:a) b) c) d) e) None of the above.


Exam is hard for me

If I got a 75 in my class and my exam was 100 points and I got a 55 on it what will it bring it down till


you have a rock with the volume of 15cm3 and a mass of 45 g. what is its density?

i dont know the answer 


for my final mark

I have an assignment that is 10% of my mark and I didn’t hand it in. My exam is worth 20% and I’m currently at 62%. If I do somewhat good on the exam (more than a 50%) will I pass? A passing mark... more

Grade 9 - Remainder Factor Theorem Question

The polynomial P(x) has remainders 10 and 1 when it is divided by x+2 and x-1 respectively. Find the remainder, in the form of ax+b when P(x) is divided by x^2 + x - 2.


i am a studnt of 12th comrc want to ask that will i be declared pass in boards if i fail in maths..or if i am d pass .do i hve to give compartment..

Sir i hv subjects accountancy biz studies economics english maths and physical education...maths is my addituonal subject..


Derivative of y= (sec5x)^((x^2)-x+2)

Just need the first derivative of this function, struggling with there to begin


Salary of Mr. X is 50% more than salary of Mr. Y. What percent of Mr. X's salary is Mr.Y's?

Salary of Mr. X is 50% more than salary of Mr. Y. What percent of Mr. X's salary is Mr.Y's?

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