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Exponential Expressions


How do i figure out what the answer to the following? 200 cm = 2 (with what exponent?

Full question, 5th grade student. 2 meters = _____ cm = 2(--) needs exponent.
Exponential Expressions


3x - 2^x - 1 = 0

3x - 2^x - 1 = 0
Exponential Expressions Exponents Exponent Exponential Equations


how to solve 20^x /10^2^y

 how to solve 20^x /10^2^y?    
Exponential Expressions Exponents Exponential Equations


10^n+2= 1/10000 ^1-n

 2^x+^2 +3 • 2^x=56, 2^x+1• 2^3-2x =8^2-x (4/9) ^m+2 = (8/27)^1+m   10^n+2= 1/10000 ^1-n   please help me to solve this question ,thank you
Exponential Expressions Math Help, Expressions


(-9)^7 x (-9)^2 x (-9)^8

Math help needed immediately, in other words, cluessless.
Exponential Expressions


any nonzero number to the power of zero is euivalent ? for exponential expressions

i need to know please

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