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equivalent expression in exponential form?

How do you write an equivalent expression of 6 exponent 21multipled by 10exponet 7. Divided by 30 exponent?? 7

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When you say equivalent expression do you mean simplified expression? 

If so, for this example I will write it out using ^ to represent the exponent 
6 exponent 21 is 6^21 (6 raised to the 21st power which is 6 multiplied by itself 21 times)

Writing the expression you wrote with the ^ is:

 6^21 x 10^7/30^7

Using some laws of exponents 

a^(mxn) =(a^m)^n

a^m x b^m = (axb)^m

a^m/b^m = (a/b)^m 

and factors we can simplify the above.

Express 6^21 as (6^3)^7:

(6^3)^7 x 10^7/30^7 

Perform multiplication and division of bases and raise to common power of 7

(6^3 x 10/30)^7

Express all numbers as factors to simplify base (or can multiply and divide)*

((6x6x6) x (2x5)/(6x5))^7


((6x6x6) x (2x5)/(6x5))^7 = (6x6x2)^7 = 72^7

*If you multiplied and divided would get (2160/30)^7 = 72^7