Courtney L.

asked • 08/13/18

Exponential Equations with like bases and by guess and check

Substance                       Use                               Half-life
gallium-67               nuclear medicine                   80 hours

cobalt-60                 manufacturing                      5.3 years

technetium-99m       nuclear medicine                   6 hours

americium-241           construction                     432 years

carbon-14              archeological dating             5,715 years

uranium-235           atomic power                703,800,000 years

The formula for radioactive decay: A(t)=A0e(in(.5)/T)t


A0 is the amount initially present
T is the half-life of the substance
t is the time period over which the substance is studied
A(t) is the amount of the substance present after time tt

Using the table and formula from above solve the following:

Use guess and check to estimate how long will it take for 20% of a 1900-gram sample of americium-241 to decay?

It will take___________________ years

Lauren H.

Are you sure your formula is correct?  You have in included...  What is in?


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Andy C. answered • 08/13/18

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