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Empirical Formula Chemistry Physical Science


What is the empirical formula?

A laboratory analysis of vanillin, the flavoring agent in vanilla, determined the following mass percent composition: 63.15 % carbon, 5.30 % hydrogen and 31.55 % oxygen. What is the empirical... more
Empirical Formula Science Chemistry


Tetrahydrocannabinol (thc), the active agent in marijuana, is composed of 80.16% carbon, 9.63% hydrogen and 10.17% oxygen by mass. What is the empirical formula of thc?

The answer I got was C7H10O, however I think I am missing a step since my answer was incorrect. This is what I did 80.16g C (1mol/12.01g)C =7 mol C 9.63g H (1mol/1.008g)H =10mol H 10.17g O... more
Empirical Formula Chemistry


Help me to set this equation up

Assume you have a 100g sample, you can change the % symbols to grams. what is the empirical formula of a compound with the following composition:44.33% oxygen 41.17% chromium14,50% manganese... more

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