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asked • 03/15/14

Earth Science Questions

Which statements are true?  If false, then what would replace the word typed in bold.
1.  The transfer of heat by moving liquid or gas is called conduction.

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Vivian L. answered • 03/15/14

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L O.

the other statements are:
which statements are true.  If false, correct the word in bold.
1.   The area of the ocean closest to a continent is the contiental shelf.  I have as true
2.  Both waves and surface currents are driven by wind.
3.  Both winds and surface currents turn to the left in the Northern Hemisphere.
4.  Gases such as water vapor condense when they are heated.
5.  As a result of hydrogen bonding, water has a low heat capacity (specific heat)
6.  Winds flow from areas of high pressure to other areas of high pressure.
7.  The molecules in a solid have more therman energy than the molecules in a gas.
Thank you mame


Vivian L.

My background is in physics, not geology.
I can only comment on #7...
The molecules in a solid have more therman energy than the molecules in a gas.
This is false.  The molecules in a gas have more thermal energy than the same molecules in a solid.  This is because the gas is of a higher temperature.  The issue is thermal energy---heat.


Philip P.

Hi Vivian,
There are 3 heat transport mechanisms: conduction, convection, and radiation.  The transfer of heat through the movement of a fluid is actually convection.
v/r, Phil


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