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Allyl sulfide gives garlic its characteristic odor. Give the mass and number of carbon atoms.

a) The mass in grams of 2.62 mol of allyl sulfide. Answer in scientific notation.b) The number of carbon atoms in 72.8 g of allyl sulfide. Answer in scientific notation.


What controls the acidity of the ocean?

I have learned that: * coral reefs are made up mostly of calcium carbonate * coral reefs are mainly distributed in the tropical zone * The calcium carbonate will be decomposed in the reaction... more


can yo help me ni chemistry?

what is covalent bond? how ammonia formed ../  

chemistry prelab question

Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is the oxidizing agent and sodium oxalate (Na2C2O4) is the reducing agent.a. Manganese (Mn) is reduced.b. Carbon (C) is oxidized.   2KMnO4(aq) + 5Na2C2O4(aq) +... more

estimate numbe\r of atoms of a carbon grain with a diameter of 0.1mm

spherical grain  no  of atoms of carbon  make up of grains

Is Ammonia more likely to dissolve in water or in carbon tetrachloride? Explain in detail. Use diagrams to help explain.

can you please help with this grade 11 chemistry question.

True or False? If false, make correct. The hydroxyl group contains all of the sugars.

Please answer this question!


number of oximes

Aromatic carbonyl compounds having molecular formula C8H8O react with NH2OH then how many oximes can be formed .


help with Carbon - 14 and metals and light reflection

1.  which is not a property of metals   a.  conduct heat b.  conduct electricity c.  are malleable d. are brittle     I know that metals are malleable and they conduct electricity, so I... more


aproximate carbon mass

What is the approximate mass of a carbon atom in atomicmass units? How about a carbon dioxide molecule

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