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Its a multiple choice I have C,D,F,G right now a classmate has C,D,E....help ? PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY

A 35g piece of  copper is warmed 45 to 55 C and placed in beaker (A) containing 100ml of alchohol at 25C. A 3tg sample of liquid water is warmed from 45 to 55C and placed in a second beaker (b)... more
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explain how the yield, purity and atom economy of the substances prepared may be affected by changes to the methods used

I need help with this experiment how do I relate this to ethyl ethanoate and aspirin experiment 
Chemistry Lab


Chemistry magnesium reaction with HCI

0.0367g of magnesium to produce hydrogen gas collected over water at 24°C and 746mmHg atmospheric pressure. volume of the collected gas was 46.3mL, what is the value of the gas constant, R?Percent... more


Mass of Aspirin in a tablet

In a lab determining the mass of acetylsalicylic acid in an aspirin tablet, I'm having trouble with the dilution part of my calculation.   An unknown solution was made by placing an aspirin... more
Chemistry Lab


I need help with five chemistry questions

I need help with 5 chemistry questions and would need work to be shown. A. Measure out 0.130 moles of salt (NaCl) into a blue, dry cup. You need to convert to mass in grams. Show work:B. Put... more
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Measure out 0.210 moles of salt (NaCl) into a blue dry cup, you need to convert to mass in grams. Show work:

I need work to be shown. I would also need help with these two questions. Put 2.85x10^23 molecules of water into a clear cup. You need to convert to mass in grams. Show work:
Chemistry Lab


How is it possiable that a reaction can be both synthesis and redox

Chemsidbsjs. When’s d SJSU’s s shsndd


How do I use the ideal gas relationship to determine the experimental volume of CO2 at STP?

Average volume of CO2 in the experiment was 37.68mL. water temp 20.08 C vapour pressure of water 17.7 mmHg Barometric pressure 758.3mmHg   P1V1/T1  = P2V2/T2   I know I have to rearrange the... more
Chemistry Lab


Total amount of moles in water in a beaker

Chemistry assignment 

Relative error to absolute error?

I'm asked to use the relative error to find the absolute error of [Na2S2O3]I've calculated these amounts in previous questions:[Na2S2O3] = 0.01001MRelative error: 0.3%is there other information I... more
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How do I write the reaction for the oxidation of copper metal to copper ions in aqueous solution?

It’s for my chemistry lab. I don’t know  how to do it 
Chemistry Lab


Titration problem

25.0 mL of phosphoric acid (H3PO4) solution with an unknown concentration is titrated with a 0.100M solution of NaOH. It takes 35.42 mL of the NaOH to reach the end-point. What was the... more


What observation can be written from a white ring formed from ammonia and hydrochloric acid by diffusion?

I need help on how to summarize my observation and discussion in my chemistry lab on an experiment we did in the lab about diffusion where a white ring was formed when two wool was soaked in... more
Chemistry Lab Chemistry Chem Concentration


Whats the correct way to approach this concentration question?

Part I. Preparation of a Fe(III)-oxalate complex: (4 pts) a) Recorded mass of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2●6H2O used: 1.3807 (g) b) pH paper color upon addition of oxalic acid: Magenta c) Does this color... more
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How many tablets?

 A good yield for their synthesis, 0.763 g. How many tablets of aspirin could they make from this? There are 324 mg aspirin/ tablet.


Diels-Alder Lab Question

Do you expect there to be differences in the IR for the carbonyl stretches of maleic anhydride and the Diels-Alder adduct? If so, draw their structures and state which one you would expect to have... more
Chemistry Lab Chemistry


Precipitate (Chemistry)

Given a "substance A" that reactswith a "substance B" to form aprecipitate. If you have an "unknownsolution" and add some substance Bin it, and get a precipitate, does itmean that your "unknown"... more

During the experiment, you recover 2.8 mg of Fe by testing 100 mg of powder.

Assume a full pill weighs 300 mg and contains 27.0 mg of Fe. What is the % recovery for your experiment? In other words, what percentage of the total Fe in the pill did you recover?


Order of Reaction and rate constant

The total pressure in atmospheres was recorded during the decomposition of acetaldehyde (CH3CHO(g)) at 701K for certain time intervals shown in the chart. Use the information to answer the... more
Chemistry Lab


Brewing tea and water together

Say I have a pot of brewed tea containing only the tea and water. Is there a specific ratio of the two ingredients that prevails to actually call the compound tea?
Chemistry Lab


how many grams of sodium hydroxide are needed to prepare 235 ml of a 5.0% (m/v) solution?

need help. please axplain and describe the work needed to get to answer if possible.
Chemistry Lab


How many gm/mL of glucose and water are in 500mL of a 5.3% glucose solution?

This is a measurement lab for cell and molecular biology, however preparing concentrations by using w/v%, v/v, etc.
Chemistry Lab Chemistry


When a student mixed 46.1 mL of 0.100 M NaOH with 50.0 mL of 0.100 M HCl, they found that 144.5 J of energy was produced.

Based on these results, what is the molar heat of reaction in kJ per mole?

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