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Cellular Biology


how much dietary starch is likely to be converted to maltose in the stomach relative to the mouth and esophagus?

the ph inside an animals stomach is between 3 and 4. 
Cellular Biology Biology


Location when transporting ?

So which of the following molecules is transported into the mitochondrion?   A) acetyl CoA B) Fatty acids C) pyruvate D) A and B E) B and C F) All of the above   So fatty acids are brought... more
Cellular Biology Biology


confusing question for me with fatty acid metabolism

which of the following is not a direct product of fatty acid metabolism?   Acetly CoA NADH FADH2 ATP None of the above, all are directly produced by the fatty acid metabolism   I thought it... more
Cellular Biology Biology Diffusion


Can someone help me with the with calculating the Average Diffusion Rate

Calculate the Average diffusion rate from time zero for the different time at which you measured. Assume the diameter at time zero to be equal to zero. The formula is   Rate[mm/h]=... more
Cellular Biology Biology Biochemistry


What is the advantage of “pulling” a stain rather than just dropping the stain directly onto the organism?

What is the advantage of “pulling” a stain rather than just dropping the stain directly onto the organism?    
Cellular Biology Biology Microbiology


Biology questions for study guide

1.) Describe the complete, but concise, step-wise process of how matter on primitive Earth turned into multi-cellular, eukaryotic cells.2.) Define evolution and describe, in some detail, three... more
Cellular Biology Biology Microbiology


Helicase Ligase Polymerase Replication Transcription Translation Recombinant

Could someone match these to:   a. glues DNA strands together b. copy of a gene c. unzips DNA strands d. rough ER e. synthesized human insulin f. reads code and matches base pairs g. copy... more
Cellular Biology Science Biology


Biology - Asexual reproduction

Starting with one bacterium, how many bacterial cells would be expected from 6 cycles of Binary Fission?   Is 62 correct?   Thanks in advance for your help :)  
Cellular Biology Science Biology


Osmosis - cell transport

Osmosis is the movement of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration across a semi permeable membrane, but how does it link to the surrounding water being Hypertonic,... more
Cellular Biology Biology Active Transport


Active transport in cells?

Is active transport used only to remove substances from a cell, or can it also take in substances? Thank you in advance :)

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