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Uniform Motion Algebra 1


How to do Uniform Motion

Joe and Mary left a campsite on a trip down the river in a canoe. Joe was traveling 2 miles/hr faster than Mary. If it took Joe 4 hours to travel 20 miles, how long will it take Mary?How do I solve... more


Uniform motion problems

An executive traveled 1930 miles by car and plane. He drove to the airport at an average speed of 60 mph and the plane averaged 350 mph. The total trip took 8 hours. How long did it take to get to... more
Uniform Motion Applications


Application with uniform motion

Darren drives to school in rush hour traffic and averages 32 mph. He returns home in mid-afternoon when there is less traffic and averages 48 mph. What is the distance between his home and school... more
Uniform Motion Applications



Two passengers leave the airport at Kansas City, Missouri. One flies to Los Angeles, California, in 3.4 hr and the other flies in the opposite direction to New York City in 2.4 hr. With prevailing... more
Uniform Motion


What is the distance of the run? What is the distance of the bicycle race?

Suppose you have entered an 82-mile biathlon that consists of a run and a bicycle race. During your run, your average velocity is 7 miles per hour, and during your bicycle race, your average... more
Uniform Motion


What is the speed of the current?

A motorboat can maintain a constant speed of 46 miles per hour relative to the water. The boat makes a trip upstream to a certain point in 53 minutes; the return trip takes 39 minutes. What is the... more
Uniform Motion


uniform motion

jack travels to school in the morning at an average speed of 32 mph. on his way home he average 48 mph. What is the distance between his home and school if his total travel time is hr and 15 mins

Find two numbers whose sum is 55. The Larger number is 4 more than twice the smaller

what is the answer to this question, because i don't understand.
Uniform Motion


Uniform motion

two trains going in opposite directions leave at the same time. rain B travels 15mph faster than train A. n 7 hours the trains are 875 miles apart. Find the speed of each. 
Uniform Motion


uniform motion help?

The doctor and Clara, who are 210 meters apart, start walking towards each other at 1:00pm at rates of 1.5 m/s and 2m/s, respectively. At what time will they meet?

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