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Shouldn't muscle and tendon length be measured and controlled for separately?

Hi! I have yet to find an adequate answer to what seems like an obvious question and was hoping to get some clarification! Why don't muscle length tests test separately for tendon length vs muscle... more
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How does negative feedback differ from positive feedback?

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How do feedback mechanisms help maintain homeostasis?


Biology Mushroom Question

Why are some mushroom gills visible while others are not?
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The circulatory system distributes the heat of muscle contraction in birds & mammals.

Is the anatomy of birds & mammals conducive to maintaining a warm internal temperature?


If you went to inhale and the pressure of air in the atmosphere was equal to the pressure in your lungs, what would happen to air flow into your lungs?

Our ability to breathe is determined by the pressure of the air in the atmosphere, relative to the air in our lungs. If you went to inhale and the pressure of air in the atmosphere was equal to the... more
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help please !!!

Contrast the effects on the kidneys of diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus.


How does cannabis modulate the brain?

Use this article: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z1eYrheN6C4F4qciIJ5aK94TqjfOvDzJT2hniyLyU5c/edit?usp=sharingUse the CER method (CLAIM, EVIDENCE, REASONING) to answer the question. (give at... more


What's the difference between germ cells, sex cells and gametes

Germ cells Sex cells Gametes


anatomy and physiology

The urinary system is precise system that balances all the blood constituents and any change in their values can cause problems to the body. For this part choose one of the following and describe... more

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