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ASAP please help algebra 1

Part A: Solve the equation to determine the solutions. Is it Ms. Jackson's document? If not, what are the correct solutions to the problem on this document? *you come across another document with... more
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Please Help Algebra Word Problem

An arrow is shop upward from a platform 40ft high with an initial velocity of 224 ft per sec. Its height h in feet after t seconds is given by the equation below. At what time will the arrow be at... more
Algebra 3 Math Prealgebra


Find The Inverse Of The Function

A(t)=500(1/2)^t/272I found the inverse by using MathWay and my teacher says its wrong"Please write this with a log base of 1/2. Also this is not an equation as you have it written. It needs to have... more
Algebra 3


This is the symbol for square root

This is the symbol for square root
Algebra 3


Which of the following is not a polynomial?

a. c. b. d.
Algebra 3 Precalculus


Population of city

The population of a certain city area is estimated to be declining according to the model P(t)=373,000e^-0.017t, where t is the number of years from the present. What does this model predict the... more
Algebra 3 Trigonometry


What is the slope of the line x= -7

Algebra 3 Trigonometry


Divide 10x^3+27x^2-6x+9 by (x+3) using synthetic division

Algebra 3 Precalculus


Which of the following answers is the SA of a rectangular prism with length = 7; width = 5; and height = 3?

Which of the following answers is the SA of a rectangular prism with length = 7; width = 5; and height = 3?A. 15B. 18C 35D 105E 142
Algebra 3


Find the Distance

When Fritz drives to work his trip takes 35 minutes, but when he takes the train it takes 15 minutes. Find the distance Fritz travels to work if the train travels an average of 80 miles per hour... more
Algebra 3


Find a number such that the sum of 15 and the number is four times the number

Algebra 3 word problem, does not make sense. Please help 
Algebra 3


The length of a rectangle is 7 inches less than the width. The perimeter is 46. Find the length and width of the rectangle.

I don’t know how to start of the equation. 
Algebra 3 Algebra 1 Algebra 2


x-intercept=-2 and y-intercept=6 write the intercepts as ordered pairs

x-intercepts=-2 and y-intercept=6 write the intercepts as ordered pairs.
Algebra 3


How much money did she invest at each rate?

Phyllis invested $10,500, a portion earning a simple interest rate of 5 1/5% per year and the rest earning a rate of 5% per year. After 1 year the total interest earned on these investments was... more
Algebra 3


Through (8,5) perpendicular to 5x+2y=18

Write equation in slope intercept form and standard form
Algebra 3


Radical Expressions and Functions

In the pendulum formula T = 2 (pi) sqrt (L/g), we use g = 9.8 m/s^2 for the acceleration due to gravity on Earth. But what about Mars? If an astronaut on the surface of mars swings a 1-meter long... more
Algebra 3


There is a step missing from the solution below. Which equation is the missing step?

P = 46 - sqrt (0.042x+16) 28 = 46 - sqrt (0.042x +16) -18 = -sqrt (0.042x + 16)                 ? 308 = 0.042x 7333 = x     A. 324 = 0.042x + 256 B. 324 = 0.042x + 16 C. 308 = 0.042x +... more
Algebra 3


the volume of a soccer ball is 5310 cm^3. Find the diameter

Step by step please
Algebra 3 Trigonometry Verify


Verify sin2X=(2tanX)/(1+tan^2X)

I need to verify this for homework and im confused


f(x+h)-f(x)/h f(x)=31-13x

 For the given function, find f(x+h)-f(x)/h   f(x)=31-13x  This is for my Algebra 3 class

Find the roots of the equation: x^3-4x^2+2x-10=x^2-5x-3

This equation has a complex root of +3, ±2i. What is the other root?
Algebra 3


eight children are riding a merry-go-round. how many ways can they sit?

 This is an algebra 3 question

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