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The slope of a line whose equation is 5x - 3y = 4 is?

A) 5/3
B) 4/5
C) -3/5
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1 Answer

Hi again Lindsey;
The formula is in standard form...
Ax+By=C, neither A nor B equal zero, and A is greater than zero.
5x - 3y = 4
Slope is -A/B...
Answer A
Let's me illustrate my point.
Recall that slope-intercept formula is...
m is the slope
b is the y-intercept, the value of y when x=0.
Let's convert this formula from standard form into slope-intercept form...
5x - 3y = 4
Let's subtract 5x from both sides...
Let's divide both sides by -3...
Slope is 5/3.
The x and its coefficient A moved from the left side to the right, thereby changing it to negative.  Then, it was divided by the coefficient of y, B...