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The definitions of social change and modernization.

Provide four examples of social change and four examples of modernization.

Each example should include a description of key features of social change
and/or modernization.


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John K. | History, Anthropology, Archaeology, and Career Development TutorHistory, Anthropology, Archaeology, and ...

Social Change is different from Modernization, but social change can lead to modernization (it also can have the opposite effect). Social change, such as the civil rights movement in the 1960s, which mordernized the United States by eliminating segregation. Social change, such as the 1979 Iranian Revolution, had the opposite effect whereby the individuals living in that country were no longer as free or modern as other countries. Modernization requires there to be a base standard for comparison. For a group, country, or individual to modernize they must be changing towards something which is more modern than themselves by comparison. Currently the United States is modernizing it's health care policies, which could be considered a social change, in an effort to modernize with respect to Canada and other European countries. Social change, such as the introduction of communism in North Korea or Cuba, had the opposite effect of modernization. 

Teresa C. | Caring, patient, & professional Caring, patient, & professional

This is a very broad topic, is your teacher looking for specific areas of change and modernization? If you look back over the past couple of decades, there have been numerous changes in social behaviors and norms, and many advances in modernization. For example, regardless of my political views, I must acknowledge the significance of having a black president. While there are miles to go in the efforts to create a society where all are treated equally, the social changes in this area have remarkably improved since the 1950's and 60's civil rights movement. I hope this helps to spark your creative thinking.