Paige T.

asked • 12d

Conversion for planting

I have this thing for chemistry and really would love some help.

Basically I have 120 ml plant cell and need to know how much soil to put in it. I intend to use the Dr. Earth Fertilizer (you can search it up on the internet) for my controlled herb group and it states: " FOR CONTAINERS: Use 1/2 cup per 1/2 cubic foot. (approx. 5 gallons) plotting soil.

Now I have converted my 120 ml (below is my work):

120 ml→120Cubic cm^3→7.32285inches^3→0.0042377cubic Ft

Looking at this it just seems like the number is too small. Can anyone help me with this.

Paige T.

the 120ml is the volume of the individual plant container btw


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