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how to translate the product of 4 and 12 more than a number into an expression using x

i have to translate the phrase into an equation using x.

phrase = the product of 4 and 12 more than a number

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"More than" indicates addition, so we know that we are adding twelve to "a number," which we will call x.  "Product" indicates multiplication, so you know you're multiplying by four.  The placement of "and" tells us that we are multiplying four by the sum of twelve and x (rather than multiplying four by twelve and then adding x), so our equation will need parentheses.  Therefore, the final equation would be 4(12+x).  You can also expand it to be 48+4x.


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"Product" is the result of multiplication,  "more than" means  to add, " a number" is the unknown, hence it is written as a variable

4 x 12 + N



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THe product of 4 means that it is multipled by 4. Then 12 more means that 12 is then added to that final number. Your final equation would be 4*12+x