San P.

asked • 07/16/21

Please help me on this Trigonometry Right Triangle question.


Two walls of a canyon form the walls of a steady flowing river. From a point on the shorter wall, the angle of elevation to the top of the opposing wall is 20° and the angle of depression to the bottom of the opposing wall is 260 feet. Using the appropriate right triangle solving strategies, solve for the following: (Do not round intermediate calculated values. Only the final answer should be rounded to one decimal place.) (picture/image)

the height of the short wall (x)

the height of the tall wall (y)

the distance between the canyon walls (z)

x = ___ feet

y = ___ feet

z = ___ feet

Provided image: 

Reason for asking: My reason for asking is because I have many questions like this on my homework sheet but the problem is I don't know how to answer them. I was/am hoping that someone would answer the question and go over the steps so that I can understand and try to use it in my other questions. I tried to use SOHCAHTOA but I'm not sure about it.

Due: Today

Thanks for the help.

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