Drake P.

asked • 06/10/21

so. i am in desperate need of help with my math homework as soon as possible please

A machine costs $50,000. Its value depreciates by 15% after each year. Identify the graph of the sequence and the correct description of its pattern. Then identify the value of the equipment at the end of 8 years.


A.) exponential decay

an = 50000(0.85)n

a8 = 50000(0.85)8 ≈ $13,624.53



B.) exponential growth

an = 50000(0.85)n − 1

a8 = 50000(0.85)7 ≈ $16,028.85




 C.) exponential growth

an = 50000(0.85)n

a8 = 50000(0.85)8 ≈ $16,028.85

D.) exponential decay

an = 50000(0.85)n-1

a8 = 50000(0.85)7 ≈ $13,624.53

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