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hi. please please help me with my math homework please respond as soon as possible please

Question 1: What is the probability of randomly selecting a prime number from the first 30 natural numbers?      


A.) 13/30 ≈ 43.33%

B.) 1/3 ≈ 33.33%

C.) 11/30 ≈ 36.67%

D.) 12/30 = 40%



Question 2: In a quiz program, 2 questions on Science, 4 questions on History, and 4 questions on Math are printed separately on 10 cards and placed upside down. Maria is asked to select 2 cards at random. What is the probability of Maria selecting 2 questions on Science?

A.) 1/45

B.) 1/5

C.) 2/5

D.) 2/15

help me please

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